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VW MKIV-A4 TDIs (VE and PD) This is a general discussion about A4/MkIV Jetta (99.5-~2005), Golf(99.5-2006), and New Beetle(98-2006). Both VE and PD engines are covered here.

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Old October 15th, 2000, 09:30   #1
Veteran Member
d9's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2000
Location: NC USA
TDI(s): 01 Jetta
Default Support Group while waiting for TDI

This waiting for my TDI to come in is killing me. I don't think I've ever wanted a car as bad as I want this one. I have the loan approved, and waiting.... and waiting..... and waiting.

I think we should start a support group for those without a TDI....

Hi, I'm David (Group says "Hello David") and I've been waiting for my TDI for 4 weeks now. Sometimes it's hard to come to Fred's TDI Forum and read all about how great they are while waiting (Group says "We feel your pain David") etc....

Silver '01 TDI Jetta on Order!
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Old October 15th, 2000, 09:54   #2
Driv'n EZ
Veteran Member
Join Date: Aug 2000
Location: Soot Belchin, USA
Default Re: Support Group while waiting for TDI

d9, Do you think you will have your TDI by December? We're having a TDI GTG early Deember.

Driv'n EZ and MZ Sue reside in Burlington, NC
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Old October 15th, 2000, 10:06   #3
Veteran Member
Join Date: Oct 1999
Location: 29 Palms, California
Fuel Economy: 59.6 max
Default Re: Support Group while waiting for TDI

We feel your pain David. Nah, not really, I got mine Upsoluted & I'm having f-u-n! Know this, it is worth the wait. Actually, Fred's site was started just for the reason you stated. Read his story. I found this site during the months of waiting & wanting. My waiting was complicated by VWofAmerica pulling the TDI from Calif just as I was negotiating a buy. Reading this site helped keep up my persistence, and 3 months later, against the plans of the giant corporation, I was a happy owner the exact TDI I wanted. That story is here: http://www.tdiclub.com/articles/CaliforniaTDI/
The good news now is that VWofA has repented, a little, and will sell TDIs in Calif for 6 months next year. January-June, 2001 will be happy days are here again in Calif!

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Old October 15th, 2000, 20:30   #4
Join Date: Apr 2000
Location: Palm Harbor, FL
Default Re: Support Group while waiting for TDI


If you want a real wait, try 6 months and 16 days; I did. Started out as a 2000 Golf, GLS, TDI as a deposit on 3-13-00 that would take about "8 to 10 weeks"; 2 months later it became a 2001 when I was told there was a 90% probability my order wouldn't be filled as a 2000; I changed the "order" to a 2001 as I wanted to be first in line; THEN dealer told me a few weeks later that the one I had originally ordered came in, but that they sold it as i had changed my order to a 2001; I'm still fuming about that one.

Based on my enperience, there IS NOT AN ORDER SYSTEM; all you get is SOMETIMES a salesman checking on the "available list" as to what's been built and is in the transportation process, and meets your criteria; if they're looking often it will speed up the process; even if they are, if you want one that is without options, or with a unique combination of optins, it will take a long time. Factory does not akte orders, but merely builds what is selling well.

They may attach a "hot" order to it once they find it, but it really doens't speed things along.

I was talking with another salesman while waiting for mine to be prepped (on 9-29-00), and he admitted that people can't get exactly what they want; ex. leather without moonroof and special wheels. A few minutes later, some poor soul walks in and asks if they can order a car; the salesman replies, "Yes, it takes about 9 to 10 weeks".

When VW called about how well the sales experience was, I refused to grade them; but gave good points to the service and prep guys who seemed knowledgable.

All I can say about the order is: GOOD LUCK!

That being said, the car is fantastic. For the first 1852 miles I have averaged 45.1 m.p.g. (Texaco Preimum and Power Serice at about 4 oz. per fillup) and that's with pushing it some recently to 80 and 85 m.p.h. to stretch the engine while it's breaking in. Torque is fantastic; when you hit the throttle it's like it's downshifted, but it's still in high gear. Oil has barely moved on the dip stick, and is still only lightly tinted; much like tinted windows.

I'ld suggest that you "shop" around, and just look out for yourself. If someone else has the car you want, cut a deal with them and then cancel your "Order". It might get your car earlier.


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Old October 15th, 2000, 21:15   #5
Zehntes Jahr der Veteran
Join Date: Oct 1998
Location: Boise, Idaho
Fuel Economy: Who cares, it's a diesel!
Default Re: Support Group while waiting for TDI

If it makes you feel better I have two of them yes (2). Oh I also got the Upsolute chip today and got and extra 35 hp and I can only guess how muuch torque!

Sorry for the taunt but the wait is SO worth it!! Hang in there I feel your pain.

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Old October 15th, 2000, 21:31   #6
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: Battle Ground WA
Fuel Economy: 39/39/39
Default Re: Support Group while waiting for TDI


Have you tried aroma therapy? Place a small amount of diesel fuel on a rag and waft it throughout the house. Don't breath too deeply or get the rag near an ignition source.

What, you say you don't have any diesel around the garage? Then let me tell you the you are not ready to bring home that little bundle of joy. Start preparing the nursury (garage) for that new pup of yours. That should keep you busy for awhile.

I also found a TDI sound recording (.wav file). I have it set up on my computer so it replaces the startup sound and the launch program tone with a TDI starting/idleing and a TDI accelerating through the gears.

It worked for me.


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Old October 15th, 2000, 22:33   #7
Former Chip-Monk
Join Date: May 2000
Location: Oconto, WI
TDI(s): 2000 JEDI
Default Re: Support Group while waiting for TDI

d9, how long is your wait? what you could do is go to other dealers and have them look for a car for you. sometimes you can get it a little quicker that way. i also like the idea of the diesel socked rag and getting the garage ready. maybe you should start rehersing some helpful phrases.
-yes i know i am putting diesel in the tank
-yes VW does still make diesels.
-yes it is faster then your car and still gets 50mpg
-yes i will take your phone number, i think your cute too
-TDI, oh it is just some kinda of engine code they put on the back of these things kinda like 911

i think others can help you here too.

timK, i think that i would like that file, please e-mail it to me at my address above

garrett "i feel your pain" P.

2000 JEDI TDI Silver (helps reflect cosmic rays)
Full Commander, Prime Minister of Power and all that is good
assistant to President Valois in the UPsolute territory
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Old October 15th, 2000, 23:58   #8
Veteran Member
Join Date: Oct 1999
Location: 29 Palms, California
Fuel Economy: 59.6 max
Default Re: Support Group while waiting for TDI

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by garrettp:
maybe you should start rehersing some helpful phrases.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
And practice answers to, "Do you know you're putting diesel in that thing?"
If the guy talking isn't too big, I usually answer - "Ya, dees German kars need a little diesel vonce in a vhile."
-- usually good for a double take and then a long, silent stare.

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Old October 16th, 2000, 07:18   #9
Gone but Never Forgotten: Requiescat In Pace
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Join Date: Sep 2000
Location: Twin Cities in MN
TDI(s): 2001 NB
Fuel Economy: numbers are good
Default Re: Support Group while waiting for TDI


I have been waiting for 16 weeks and still nothing. They keep telling me that the order is in at the plant. I just basically got fed up with the wait and told them to look for bright blue as well. I ordered a white with gray interior. From my observations on the streets, white usually gets black interior and blue usually gets gray interior. I have not seen a white with gray interior yet. (I be lying since I had one, a 1999, for 4 months.) Just want to get my Beetle before winter since the car I drive now won't make thru the cold, it barely did last winter.

Yes, it is frustrating waiting when everyone gets theirs!
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Old October 16th, 2000, 07:38   #10
Veteran Member
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Pacific Northwest
Default Re: Support Group while waiting for TDI

I'm still waiting too, if that makes you feel any better, and I have to take a train ride to pick mine up.

But at least I'm getting it in a good wine region, so it will have some cargo on it's maiden journey home.

Black Metalic 115 PD Golf 5 door

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Old October 16th, 2000, 10:33   #11
RIP, Gone But Not Forgotten
Join Date: Mar 1999
Location: Flat lands of Delaware
Default Re: Support Group while waiting for TDI


Have you considered looking out of state for a TDI?

One of our members drove from New Hampshire (Na Hampsha) to Delaware to pick one up. There are dealers in Wilmington (Smith) and one in Dover. They seem to have good supplies of TDI's. It's about 600 miles from Wilmington to Carolina Beach.

If you buy one up here, I'll buy you lunch.

Gregor Switca
DAL Navigator TDI Fest 2000
Torque is a beautiful thing.

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Old October 16th, 2000, 12:33   #12
Crazy Cat Lady
Veteran Member
Join Date: Jan 2000
Location: Chelmsford, MA USA
Default Re: Support Group while waiting for TDI

I hear you.

I've been waiting 8+ months for mine and expect to wait 2-3 more. Meanwhile, I don't own a vehicle.

russla, You're lucky having a train nearby to take.

Meanwhile, I still look around. If anyone sees green w/grey interior, manual, CWT, LET ME KNOW!

What's the record for waiting? I thought that I remembered an 11 month wait for a 2000 ordered in 1999.

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Old October 16th, 2000, 21:16   #13
Veteran Member
Join Date: Aug 2000
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Default Re: Support Group while waiting for TDI

Well, I suppose that I've 'waited' the least of anyone on this thread so far.... I just wrote the deposit check tonight. Perhaps I'm being optimistic, but I hope to be driving a Golf GLS TDI pretty close to the one I 'specified' sometime in the next 3-5 months. SteveS kindly provided a great dealer referral at SJC VW in CA. Steve Skinner there at the dealership seemed very knowledgable and helpful... only time will tell of course.

I once put down a $1K deposit on a car (a '98 MBZ CLK 320 almost 2 years before taking delivery (I read about them waaay ahead of time, long before they were officially announced) and sadly, it was a terrible experience (7 service visits the first year). I don't expect a repeat of that experience with the TDI... at least I hope not.

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Old October 16th, 2000, 23:59   #14
Veteran Member
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Vancouver,BC,Canada
TDI(s): Golf 2000
Default Re: Support Group while waiting for TDI

And now,for a change,a slightly different story.

This Summer we started looking for a new car for my wife.Her '84 Honda wagon just about died from the old age and exhaustion.She wanted somewhat inexpensive station wagon type of a car - Suzuki Esteem, Subaru maybe?...nah,all boring.Finally I took her to my friendly Jeep/Chrysler dealer and we drove a new PT Cruiser and liked it.But the wait was to be a very long one and we would be "lucky" to be able to get it at MSRP.

Well,we were not in rush having several cars in the household.We did not order it yet - I thought we would wait some time till the dealer will soften up and start dealing.

One day in September I remembered that we never looked closely at this VW Golf - they have that big hatch in the back my wife likes so much and, wait a minute, they also come with diesel - what is that diesel anyway? So we went to the local dealer and test drove a silver golf TDI...

Well,everybody knows what happened next - we both knew instantly that we just became future owners of TDI.We took some brochures and price sheet and went home.I found this forum the same day and by next morning knew exactly what to order.

Couple of days later I came back to the dealer to order our TDI knowing that the wait will be long - up to 3-4 months.The salesman asked if I would like to buy the very same Golf GL we test drove before.
"Yes,but we want a four door car" I said.
Salesman -"No problem,we just got some GLS here"
"Well,but we would like to have it black"
"OK,tell me exactly what do you want" says him.
"We want a black TDI with black interior,auto,sunroof and Michelin tires.We definitely will not accept steel rims with these silly plastic cheap looking wheel covers."
"All right.Here it is,exactly what you want.And because it is MY2000 I can offer you $1400 discount off the list price"

Well,the rest is history.We both LOVE this car.The sound of the engine alone is worth all the money it cost.

John/Y2K Golf GLS TDI auto
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