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VW MKIV-A4 TDIs (VE and PD) This is a general discussion about A4/MkIV Jetta (99.5-~2005), Golf(99.5-2006), and New Beetle(98-2006). Both VE and PD engines are covered here.

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Old November 3rd, 2001, 16:56   #1
Join Date: Dec 2000
Location: Exeter, UK
Default Why is Diesel-Kleen so good?


Sure hope cross posting isn't a hanging offence, but can anyone explain what's in Diesel-Kleen that gives it such amazing properties?

Diesel Kleen is used in the fuel tank. It mixes and is burned with the
fuel. It has excellent high temperature detergents that keeps
everything from the combustion chambers and injectors to the tailpipe
clean. The cool part is the blow-by gases that enter the crankcase
contain the detergents as well. Eventually these gases are ingested
back into the intake via the crankcase breather. Yes, these detergents
still have enough "kick" to clean the turbo, intercooler and associated

BTW, your car *may* have been equipped with a Variable turbo. I'm not
sure which type VW used, but the vanes are supposed to be on the exhaust
side. The vanes direct the gases into the turbine at a different angle
to aid in spooling the turbo to speed at low engine RPM's.

Mike Maguire wrote:

> Hang on guys! What do you do with the "Diesel-Kleen"???
> Air is sucked into the turbo from the airbox/filter passing
> over/through the MAF. As it passes through the turbo, it might have
> picked up some engine oil from the engine via the camshaft cover, and
> if your not using full synth oil, this might be deposited on the turbo
> blades to form a carbon deposit, they can run very hot.
> Ok, the air (possibly containing an oil mist) is now blown from the
> turbo down to the intercooler, through the intercooler and then back
> up and into the engine through the inlet manifold. There, it is taken
> into the cylinders, mixed with the diesel fuel, compressed, ignites
> and the stuff comes out of the exhaust manifold etc.
> So, where do you put the "Diesel-Kleen"? If you mix it with the fuel,
> it isn't going to touch the turbo blades ... do you pour it into the
> air intake pipe after the MAF and before the turbo ... or what?
> I have heard of a spray cleaner over here in the UK called
> 10k Boost (http://www.10kboost.com/) which you do spray into the air
> intake between the MAF and tubo that claims to clean out the system,
> incl. the turbo. Don't know if it works, and gather it isn't cheap (no
> price on the website, but I've been told something like 20.00 (UK
> ) plus per can, and they recommend 2 cans to start (c USA $30.00
> per can?) for dirty/high mileage engines.
> Mike
> Exeter, UK
> PS ... BTW, didn't think the '96 Passat TDI turbo had variable vanes.
> On Tue, 30 Oct 2001 13:34:21 -0500, Tim
> <D*no*imen*SP*sional*AM*One@flashmail.com&gt ; wrote:
>>I asked a guy that I worked with at a local VW shop. He works
>>extensively with the TDI and IDI diesels. He told me it's a build-up of
>>carbon and other gunk on the variable vanes of the turbo. At lower
>>speeds, the vanes cannot move correctly to make the turbo spool-up
>>faster. The turbine side of the turbo needs to be cleaned. GEt a
>>bottle of "Diesel-Kleen" by "Power Systems." It comes in a silver
>>colored plastic bottle and is available at Pep Boys for $2.99 USD. It's
>>the best stuff we ever used for diesels.
>>G&R wrote:
>>>I had this happen on my 98 Jetta and it cleared up by itself. I believe
>>>though that it has to do with carbon build up in the intact system.
>>>There are several references on the group and on the TDI page discussing
>>>this issue. AND most important, how to correct it.
>>>Good Luck,
>>>"TinaandDarren" <tinaanddarren@aol.com> wrote in message
>>>news:20011029195846.21626.00000524@ mb-mr.aol.com...
>>>>My 96 Passat TDI loses turbo power every once in awhile. The dealer sprayed something in it >>>>which seemed to help for a couple of months >>>>but now
>>>>in the morning when I leave for work, >>>>temperature getting cooler, sometimes I lose >>>>power accelerating and you really notice it >>>>going up long hills on the highway. Does >>>>anyone out there know how to solve this >>>>problem?
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