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VW MKIII-A3/B4 TDIs This is a discussion about MKIII-A3/MkIII Jetta/Golf (<99.5) and B4 Passats (96,97) TDI's. Non TDI related postings will be moved or removed.

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Old December 25th, 2006, 23:34   #1
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Default how to clean intake ports

I just finished cleaning the intake manifold on my 96 passat tdi iz .It was full of that sticky black crud. I was able to carefully carve out some of that stuff out of the intake ports.I only went in about 3/4 inch. Looking down the ports I can see that there is still alot of gunk inside . What is the best way to clean them without removing the head? A mechanic told me of a intake cleaner that you hook up the the intake system just after the MAF, and with the engine running it will disolve the carbon and burn it out . Has anyone used a product like this. Thanks for the help earlier with the T-belt replacement!! 96 passat tdi iz 201k last 30k b99 & synthetic oil . Thanks for your help
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Old December 26th, 2006, 04:27   #2
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Default How to clean intake ports

I would strongly caution you _not_ to do what the mechanic is suggesting unless you get some specific guarantees that this product is designed for diesel engines and has been used on other diesel engines. If it is not and you inject a combustible fluid you will risk the engine "running away" - remember our engines run without a spark using compression and can continue to run when you turn off the key if there is something that will burn in the cylinders. That cleaning could turn out to be the most expensive little squirts ever. I know, I have a 400 pound paperweight that had the same thing done.

It might be worthwhile to ask for a written guarantee that this won't happen.

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Old December 26th, 2006, 09:18   #3
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At least two engines here on the forums have been ruined by the BG cleaning system you described. The fluid accumulated in the cylinders, and caused bent rods in both engines. Phenomena known as hydrolock.

BG has removed this cleaning system from the market. A few hard-headed mechanics are still using it.
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Old December 26th, 2006, 13:17   #4
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Thanks for the warning. If my memory is correct the product that the mechanic mentioned is called "Mighty intake cleaner" . What other ways are there to clean out the intake ports ?? How important is it to have them clean ?? How much of a build up is OK with out affecting performance??
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Old December 26th, 2006, 16:41   #5
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Post cleaning intake

Only safe way is to remove intake from engine to clean it. Remember it only takes one small piece dropped onto engine to ruin a valve!
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Old December 26th, 2006, 21:21   #6
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Intake ports on Camhead

You should inspect the ports on the camhead with a mirror. Ideally, you can know how clogged they
are based on the appearance of the ports on the intake manifold. If they are really clogged, then you
would have to get them strapped out so you can enjoy your power. This is best left for experts but you
can do it yourself. Air compressor is strongly recommended. Remove the valve cover (Seven 5mm hex
bolts) on the camhead. Remove the timing belt cover. Using a tool, turn the engine at the camhead
pulley clockwise direction, insure that the lobe for the intake port you are going to work on is up. Place
the valve cover on the camhead as you will lean over. Scrap the intake port on the camhead. Blow it
out with compressed air. Then work on the next one. Remove the valve cover, turn the engine so the
lobe is up on the port you are going to work on next. Repeat until all 4 ports are clear.
Reinstall the bolts for the valve cover, torque to 7 ft/lbs (10 Nm). Reinstall the timing belt cover.
(I will add pictures when I can. In the meantime,

I found this in a how to on intake cleaning. I think this is what you are asking since you said you already cleaned the intake., I probably will need to do this too and was thinking a shop vac while scrapping would work as well as a compresser. hope this helps.

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