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Fuels & Lubricants Discussion all about Fuels & Lubricants. synthetic oil, conventional oil, brands, change intervals, diesel grades, gelling and such debated items like that. Non TDI related postings will be moved or removed. This forum is NOT for the discussion of biodiesel and other alternative fuels.

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Old September 28th, 2018, 10:39   #16
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Location: Alberta, Canada

Thanks for all the great info everyone. I agree with andreigbs in that 505.01 has been replaced by VW as it has become obsolete and replaced by 507.00. However, as andreigbs also mentioned, the 507.00 is more geared toward DPF vehicles and emissions systems protection rather an engine wear. (Great info also by tikal and oilhammer regarding the European spec PD's.)

I went to a different VW dealership, and was able to get the 505.01 spec Castrol (502.00, 505.00, 505.01). When I mentioned that a different dealer tried to sell me 502/505.00 spec, the parts guy said "Yeah, its all the same, so the 502/505.00 would be fine for my PD". He went on to say that all the new VW's are using 508.00 0W20, and soon they will be using the 508.00 in everything, making it sound like they were only going to stock the 508.00 in the future. Given that even a 505.01 5W30 is marginal on a PD and 5W40 is better, it seems scary that VW thinks the new 508 0W20 will be "just fine for PD's". I wouldn't even use the 508 0W20 in place of the 507.00 5W30 for the common rail TDI.

VW in North America does not care about TDI's of any type anymore, except maybe the common rails that are still under warranty. They certainly have no interest in stocking 505.01 for the 2004-2006 PD's, so they give some BS story about how the 502/505.00 is just fine. I have always done my own oil changes, and would suggest that everyone else do the same, as the dealerships will probably use the wrong oil. Use the right oil (probably not available through the dealership), and it does not even have to be 505.01. There are other good options available as others have already suggested.

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Old September 28th, 2018, 10:49   #17
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I'd give that dealership a wide berth if they use 507 in the PD tdi's. Even wider if they plan to use 0w-20 for tdi's in the future.
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Old September 28th, 2018, 12:22   #18
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Parts department counter people are usually the last person I would ask about what oil to use. Even ours are clueless.

The new 508 is matching Ford and Honda 0w20 requirements. So far only the Budik(sp) 2.0TSI is using it.

Had a QTM tell me about a talk he had with colleges and engineers after copious amounts of alcohol were consumed. VW policy is newer spec oil replaces previous spec oils for given type (gas, diesel, extended drain, etc.), but the engineer admitted that this is not always correct for a given engine (IE: NAR PD engines and their cams).

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Old September 30th, 2018, 18:30   #19
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Originally Posted by oilhammer View Post
But the 16v PDs have roller rockers to work the valves (similar to the roller follower arms on the CR engines, except the PDs actually have a rocker shaft), they are not direct cam-to-tappet driven valves. The 16v PDs could easily survive I would think on 5w30 oils.
Good information to know. Thank you OH.

Our of curiosity I went to the Shell UK site to inquire about 'Which oil do I need' (link). I see that for just for the Golf 1.9 TDI PD (Pump Duse) there are at least six different engines. I would think that some of these PD models along with others such as the Passat with the BGW PD engine have a similar cam to the BEW/BHW engines in North America. I would say it would be unlikely that out of all the PD engines VW built (probably dozens of models) only North America got the 'aggressive' cams such as BEW and BHW. But of course I could be wrong too.
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Old October 1st, 2018, 04:36   #20
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Couple things to consider when comparing North American and European cars. First, they don't drive nearly as much as we do. They simply do not have the cities spread out like much of the US and Canada, and they have access to a far superior city-to-city passenger train system. The US has 910 cars per 1000 people, Europe has only 468 (Canada is in the middle at 662). We are a VERY car-centric country, both culturally and by necessity.

Cars are cheap here, relatively speaking. We tend to all too often view them as a throwaway commodity. Inspections are lax or non-existent, which gives opportunity to simply neglect them until they break. We issue driver's licenses far too easily, and they are even easier to keep.

All this tends to make Americans neglectful of cars, and makes Europeans more likely to take good care of them. Generalization, of course, and I am sure there are plenty of exceptions, but the folks I know that are from or have lived in places like the UK, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Poland, etc. have a very different view on personal transportation than some here do. Things like driving a manual gearbox, checking your oil and tires, changing wiper blades, etc. seem to be second nature to someone from Germany. But updating your Facebook page or taking selfies gets priority here for a lot of younger people. Our shop has been seeing this play out worse and worse every year. Shocking and sad at the same time. Which is why the EVs will have a leg up for these future people. They can master keeping their iPhones plugged in, so they can probably figure out how to plug a car in, because they certainly cannot be bothered to make sure the crankcase is full of the proper oil.

Which is sort of ironic given the strong car culture our country has.
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