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General Automotive General automotive discussion. This is intended to be a discussion about other not VW and Diesel cars you may have or interested in.

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Old May 15th, 2019, 14:30   #4801
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Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Newark, OH
TDI(s): None

AFAIK they switched because they used solid tires and suspension (hypothetically lower maintenance, no flat tires at least), instead of pneumatic tires and no suspension.

...and I believe they're removing all of those from the fleet because they were hideously unreliable, but the M365s stick around even as they're bringing out their own new custom scooter.

Originally Posted by Lug_Nut View Post
The really cool ToofTek made "Emperor's Clothes" injector fork risers only worked until someone pointed out that there wasn't any thing there.
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Old May 18th, 2019, 01:19   #4802
Torque Dorque
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Location: Arizona
Fuel Economy: No data yet.

Responding to Bizzle's post 4785:

Spot on target. You pretty much nailed the exact conclusions I came to from modeling. Arizona is the same way. The utilities have so many scummy tricks to cheating you out of every penny. I conclude that a metered solar system is not worth is for me. Even best-case scenario would be 13 years to pay back, and over its expected lifetime, much like putting money in the stock market and getting 3%.

I think the better way is to find your biggest variable electric demand cost driver, and push that solar, off-grid, but keep the base loads of your home (and the ones which are easy to time-shift) on the grid. By example, I mean here in Arizona, 4 months of the year are so bloody hot, we consume $275/month JUST to cool the house.

I'm modeling the case to build a dedicated PV-battery system which powers a DC inverter chiller (they exist but still a little pricey.) That way the utility would have no knowledge--it'd be disconnected from the grid, and I'd only cool the two spaces we spend 90% of our time in (master bedroom and kitchen). My current model shows 3.5 years payback. This is possible because the units heat which would also offset my winter gas bill (surprisingly high this past winter).
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Old May 20th, 2019, 18:41   #4803
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Join Date: Jun 1998
Location: Sterling, Massachusetts. USA
Fuel Economy: 116 mpg(e), 36 mpg gas, 100 mpg combined
Default Volt stat: one year of usage

One year in on my gen 1 Chevy Volt: 9,470.4 miles.

8,366.8 miles on 2,851.62 kWh of grid electricity, or 2.93 mi/kWh.
I measure my electric consumption prior to the ESVE and so my kWh consumption includes all ESVE and charger/inverter losses, and also grid connected pre-heat or pre-cool episodes.

2,851.62 kWh at 3,412 BTU per, and an equivalent of 124,000 BTU per gallon of gasoline, works out to an equivalent energy of 78.49 gallons, or about 106.6 mpg(e).

1,103.8 miles were driven on the electricity produced by 32.08 gallons of gasoline that fuelled the on-board generator. That's an equivalent of 34.4 mpg.
Overall mpg equivalent of grid energy and gasoline for that distance is 85.67.

My longest single trip has been 430 miles, 33.9 on grid electric and 396.1 on on-board generator electric for a trip average 34.9 mpg. No range limit anxiety for me.

Do I regret turning my back on diesels for this half-fast, half electric, half gasoline compromise? Nope.

(p.s. I need to change my signature motto)
If the quantity of carbonic acid increases in geometric progression,
the augmentation of the temperature will increase nearly in arithmetic progression.

Svante Arrhenius 1896

Cogito ergo soy (I think, therefore: Biodiesel)
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Old Yesterday, 05:26   #4804
Powder Hound
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Location: Conkud, New Hampshiyuh, USA
Fuel Economy: pretty freakin' good.

There are a few issues with your calculations. Particularly I note your 106.6mpg(e) claim. As such, to compare it with real world costs, that mpg figure would have you thinking that your electric cost per mile is less than 3 cents. In fact, if it was in my home town where electrons cost in the vicinity of 25cents/kwh, the cost is more like 8.5 cents/mile.

If you claim that you didn't say that, then you are drinking too much koolade [intentional misspelling], else why even bring it up? For a viable comparison, you must bring things to an actual comparison point: the hit to your wallet.

Such is the subterfuge of the political wranglings that try and obfuscate the truth in favor of the politically correct solution. They can't really change the physics, though.


You always pay for what you get. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
It is called dope because it does make you dumb.
Thinking outside the box is difficult for some. They're afraid they'll fall off the edge of the box and be lost to oblivion.
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Old Yesterday, 06:48   #4805
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Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Newark, OH
TDI(s): None

Considering that he's talking about energy usage, it's fair, IMO.

MPGe is an energy metric, not a dollar metric, because of the variability of electricity and gasoline costs.

Originally Posted by Lug_Nut View Post
The really cool ToofTek made "Emperor's Clothes" injector fork risers only worked until someone pointed out that there wasn't any thing there.
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