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TDIFest 2005 Discussion about TDIFest 2005. This took place in Lake Mills, Wisconsin on the Labour Day weekend (September 2nd, 3rd, and 4th).

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Old September 4th, 2005, 17:41   #1
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Default Thank-you

Thanks folks for the good time at the fest. Good weather, food and conversation, plus my round trip from St. Cloud was 49MPG, that included 70MPH average driving home non-stop.

Thanks again, I will be wearing my TDI pin lapel pin all this week.

Sam in St. Cloud
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Old September 4th, 2005, 18:38   #2
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Default Thank-you

Thanks to all who worked so hard to put the festival together and share their love of small town Wisconsin.

We met so many friendly, generous and knowledgable people who gave us ideas regarding our car trouble. Thanks so much to you all.

Especially to DAVE--thanks for talking me into buying more lottery tickets and selling me a winner!
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Old September 5th, 2005, 07:23   #3
Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Menomonee Falls, WI,United States
Default Re: Thank-you

I too wanted to thank the organizers and volunteers for all the effort they put forth to bring us TDIFest 2005. I learned how much I don't know about these cars but no one looked down on me or made me feel stupid. I met some of the friendliest, down to earth people this weekend and I really had a blast.

I'd like to share a story of the funniest thing that happened to me over the weekend. I had just completed (sort of) the slow speed driver skills course. I hit a few cones and got lost once or twice. I stopped at the finish line and a local police officer was standing there watching the competition. He said to me, with a very serious look, "Sir, I have to ask you to step out of your vehicle. I have some tests I need to give you." For a moment I thought he was serious, then he smiled, it was great!

Thanks again, hope to see most of you again next year.
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Old September 5th, 2005, 08:40   #4
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Location: Milwaukee WI
Fuel Economy: 54.6/48/38
Default Re: Thank-you

I have to say we really couldn't have asked for a better weekend! I also have to thank all the people that put this together. I am sure you are all very tired today and would much rather have been with all the rest of us.

I learned a heck of a lot and got some great bio-d connections!

Thanks one and all!

Tony B.
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Old September 5th, 2005, 10:56   #5
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Location: Minnneapolis MN
Fuel Economy: too new to tell
Default Re: Thank-you

The weather was great, the fellowship was great... my MPG was even great! I drove the two white wagons - the jetta and the passat, and they both took 7 gallons to get home - which is about 42MPG. That's really good for the Passat, and it's the best I've ever seen on my manual jetta!

Thanks to all of you in the orange shirts who worked so hard this weekend to put the event on and the vendors for helping all of us out.

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Old September 5th, 2005, 11:30   #6
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Default Re: Thank-you

Yes it was an awesome time for me. I like how everything was so close. I marveled how fast the guys working on the cars could work. They obviously have taken things apart a time or two. I enjoyed looking at all the neat variations of tdi, but I also enjoyed the Saab diesel that was there along with the wvo Izuzu.

I also appreciated learning about the waxes that others use and in theory how the timing belt gets replaced in my 2005 tdi (I have a long ways to go there of course). Pretty neat stuff overall! I also enjoyed meeting memebers and others at the event. I am not as pink as I was yesterday. That what happens when you have a "mole" job where you sit at a desk in the dark at night. Hardly know what the sun is.
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Old September 5th, 2005, 16:35   #7
Jon Hamilton
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Marysville, OH
Default Re: Thank-you

I too would like to thank Fred and the organizers for all there hard work and dedication that it took to put this event on. Oliver and I had a great time talking with club members! I wish we could have stayed for the entire event, we made it home just in time to get 45 minutes of sleep before I had to go to work. I would like to thank everyone for there support of out team. I look forward to our continued commitment with the club. Things are about to really heat up later this month at the International Rally New York and Next years Rally Championship! We will keep you updated!

AgainÖ.Thanks Guys!
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Old September 5th, 2005, 18:50   #8
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Location: Versailles, Kentucky
Default Thank-you

All the Wisconsin crew, a great job with the fest. It was appreciated.

To all that let me play with your cars, thank you. Always fun to look at the different mods.

To all that helped me learn about B4 Passats, thank you. I feel much more comfortable now with my new car. BTW, other than a window regulator casualty, it performed flawlessly.

Jeff, thanks for the RC3/GQ upgrade. The trip home was MUCH different than the trip up!

Looking forward to next year.

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Old September 5th, 2005, 19:11   #9
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Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Milton, WI
Fuel Economy: 57/49/44
Default Re: Thank-you

Here is my long, long list of THANK YOUís! There were a lot of people who helped make this a successful Fest.

To my brother John, the real key behind all of this. Without you talking Dan into the 1st GTG, this never would have went anywhere. Everybody that attends the GTG knows my name coming in, but by the end of the day I think most people figure out that John Chady is really the key to the GTG. You are the most helpful non-tdiíer I know. And those who attend the GTGís really do appreciate all your hard work. Like the GTGís, without all your help, I donít know that the Fest would have been what it was. You got us: 1. Dealership sponsor 2. dyno 3. Slow Speed Skills Course 4. Road Rally 5. Lift to take group pictures 6. Van for free rides 7. Free ice cream, etc., etc., etc. And you do all this hard work just to help out. I hope the Club really realizes that you are the one that deserves the thank youís at the end of the day. I hope you eventually get a TDI and join the club!

Dan & Topelís staff. Dan you were instrumental in all of this, and always have been. Without your shop for the GTGís and the Fest, I donít know how strong the local TDI crowd would be. I know the local TDI community really appreciates what you do for us. I honestly donít believe you realize how much people thank you for what you do for us. As for the Fest, your connections and time helping out were greatly appreciated. I donít think we could have made this as big of an event without all your help. I hope you enjoyed the Fest, and I hope TDIíers will continue to patronize you for what you do for the Club.

Jeff for all your hard work. Iím pretty sure out of the group of 4 of us, I did the LEAST amount of work, and I know I was working my butt off. You pulled together an awesome assortment of donations for the raffle, and lined up some great vendors for the Fest. I hope you enjoyed the Fest and working with all of us. I know it seemed very disorganized until the last minute, but we were on course the whole time. I think we setup a pretty neat Fest. I think the small town Fest was very well received. I think the shop time was huge. I know people enjoyed the dyno, slow speed skills contest, and the road rally(most of them anyways!). I think we were right on with incorporating the biodiesel into the Fest. Neither of us has ever been to a Fest, but I feel like we pulled of a good time with some fresh ideas. I hope future planners can look to this Fest to gain ideas to make it bigger and better next year.

Kathi & Jenice, for all the help registering members. You guys seemed to really have a good time with it all. At first, I was a little apprehensive about our wives working the Fest, but you gals did a great job. I heard nothing but compliments about how you guys handled everything. I know you were both in the hot seat all weekend long, but you both managed to handle all the weird questions, all the minor issues that came up, etc. like seasoned proís. Iím really glad you both seemed to have a good time with the Fest.

To Dave for everything. Not just here at the Fest, but all the way back to my first GTG. Dave, you were the one that gave me the most encouragement at that very first GTG. Without you helping make that first one so smooth, I donít know that a 2nd, 3rd and 4th GTG would have followed. Not to mention the Fest. You are great to work with as always. I can always count on you to help out where ever needed without any complaints. You keep the mood upbeat and friendly. Iím sure you enjoyed the Fest as you seem to love meeting new people, but I really wish you were able to spend less time working the Fest, and more time participating. Thanks as always.

To Fred for picking our proposal, having faith in us (although I think he may have doubted us for awhile in the middle there), and for keeping the Club alive. It was great to finally meet the FRED behind it all.

To my sister-in-law Julia for helping out with all the last second requests and volunteering throughout the Fest.

My parents Candy & Rollie for running the pig roast dinner, dyno help, etc. Things went very smooth and Iím sure everyone appreciated eating in a timely manner Saturday night.

Mark, you seemed to be everywhere. My whole family said every time they needed a hand, you were right there to help out. Thanks for all the help you did. From sweeping Topelís, to helping register, to setting up and tearing down. You were there for everything, and I appreciate all your hard work. If I ever did this again, Iíd want you on the main Fest team. You are one of the go to guys that I know I can always count on. I hope you were able to enjoy the Fest activities.

To Tryg, who I was told organized the entire car show by himself. Thanks for getting everything lined up, and Iím sure it was no easy task moving all the vehicles around and into the right spots. I know you also helped out a ton in the Park and in the Town Hall. My family said you were great. Like Mark, if I ever did this again, Iíd want you to have a bigger role in the Fest. I hope you had a chance to enjoy some part of the Fest with all the work you did!

Thanks to Chris and Paul with Fast Enough Performance. You guys did a great job running the dyno. Iíll make sure to recommend you to future Fest planners. Having the dyno at the Fest was a ton of fun.

To Paula for the park clean up. I was busy with the raffle and by the time it was done, the park was almost spotless. From what I was told, you were the big factor in getting everything cleaned up. We really appreciated it. It kept a long day from being even longer!

Thanks to Bruce, Jason, Matt, etc. who helped everyone out at the shop all day long with tech sessions, and general help. There were plenty of others who also lended a hand, tool, or knowledge throughout the weekend. So kudos to everyone in the shop for making sure everyone was taken care of.

To Pete and Bonnie, Steve and Heather, and all the other volunteers who helped out through out the day. I know I canít remember everyone who helped out, but anytime we needed something a gracious member would step-up and help us out.

Vendors and Sponsors: Thanks to all the sponsors and vendors who donated items to the raffle. I hope each of you had a chance to enjoy some part of the Fest, but I know you were busy with customers all weekend long. I personally enjoyed actually meeting you and putting a face with the name. You guys are definitely the biggest key to the Fest. I know a lot of people came out just to meet the vendors.

Iíd really like to say thanks to Frank Boucher for being our title sponsor, and to Sean Christopherson for making it all happen for us. The cut away engine was very cool, and the dyno was a ton of fun. I hope you were able to make some contacts, as we all know the demand for the TDI is rapidly increasing.

To TDI Racing, Rally VW, and Joe Hamilton for coming out with the Rally Car and giving a lucky winner a ride. As soon as you guys parked the car Saturday morning, not a car drove by without doing a head turn. Best of luck to you guys.

To the biodiesel group of Marc Franke, Jamie Derr, and the gang from FryAway, you guys did a great job. I hope everyone got a chance to learn a little more about biodiesel. I know Marcís presentations were extremely packed, Jamie made a lot of contacts with people interested in setting up a biodiesel co-op in the area, and FryAway sold all 1500? gallons of biodiesel that they brought down.

Dany and the gang at Frostie Freeze for the great eats. They were obviously too good as you had to close early when we ate up all the ice cream!

Last Iíd like to thank everyone who attended. The Club wouldnít be what it is without great people like you guys. Thank you for coming out and I hope you enjoyed!
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Old September 5th, 2005, 20:07   #10
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Default Re: Thank-you

This Fest was the best! I had a great time--mostly because of what universally great people TDI Clubbers are. It's great to just totally geek out over our cars for the weekend and not worry about people looking at us like we're crazy.

I drove west to Galena IL and then to Chicago for a meeting tomorrow. What great roads Wisconsin and IL have! I had a blast running the car up to 4K in fourth (and fifth!) a few times.

Thanks to everyone who made this such a success. You were lucky with the weather, but the organization, support, and logistics were flawless.

I'll be back next year!
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Old September 5th, 2005, 20:25   #11
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Default Re: Thank-you

Well done, Edward and the Wisconsin TDIFest team! We thoroughly enjoyed the event and the great company. Your hard work paid off big.

Left this morning at 7:30 and were home in 13 hours after driving 686 miles. Going through Chicago was a breeze!

Hope everyone had a similarly safe drive home.
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Old September 6th, 2005, 06:56   #12
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Default Re: Thank-you

Thanks to the WI crew for staging this great event. Thanks again to Ed and John for allowing me to complete my intake and add my OMI later that evening. Thanks Bruce and Dan for gutting it out with me. And thanks Jason and Jason's dad for your patience while my car blocked you in the garage.
I got home at 3:30am, Sunday and it was worth it!!!!
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Old September 6th, 2005, 08:23   #13
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Default Re: Thank-you

Well what a blast this past weekend. I met so many new people and saw all kinds of great TDI's. It was a pleasure to help out, I wish I could have done more. Now I can't wait to go to another fest. Diesel on everybody!!

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Old September 6th, 2005, 08:59   #14
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Default Re: Thank-you

Well, the 2005 TDIFest is a thing of the past now. I decided to spend a day away from it (Monday) and away from the computer and spend some time with my wife after this past weekend. We both reflected back on it and both agreed it was fun.

Iíd like to thank a few folks. While I may not remember a lot of screen names or individuals, Iíll give it my best shot.

Ed, what can I say. I remember the look you gave me when I approached you and suggested we put together a proposal to host the fest at you GTG last October. You thought I was nuts. We had so many ideas. We had so many folks to approach and to buy into this event that we didnít even know where to begin. Where to hold it? When? Do we do it at Topels or up in the Dells? I think our question was answered this past weekend. The idea of a small Midwestern town provided a great spot to host it. Everywhere I stopped, people asked me about the TDIís, what they were and what it was all about.

Dan and the Topelís staff. Thank you so much for opening your shop and allowing a bunch of strange diesel folks from around North America disrupt your every day business. Youíve always been so kind and generous with your business.

John, you ought to consider doing things like this for a living. You really pulled off some things off in the last minute. To be honest, I had some doubts. You changed my attitude and Iíll never doubt you again. You should be proud of the event and you helped out tremendously. My hats off and a sincere ďTHANK YOUĒ.

To my wife Jenice and Edís wife Kathi. You two were in the crosshairs all weekend. When Ed and I needed someone to count on, you were there. I thought you two did an excellent job getting all those folks checked in. We didnít get to spend a lot of time with our wives this weekend and they were both troopers. I remember asking my wife to help out a ďlittle bitĒ back when we began putting this together. I told her that weíd probably use her at check in for a couple of hours. OOooops. Thanks to the both of you for being so understanding.

Mark W, as Ed stated, you were everywhere. Thank you so very much for helping out with this event. You were a lifesaver throughout the entire weekend. Thanks for the contact and helping out with the T-shirts. You did a lot of the grunt work and a lot of the things behind the scenes that a lot of folks took for granted.

Dave, thanks so much for setting me in a positive frame of mind when I had doubts and for making me laugh when I thought the end was near. Youíre a great guy and I love your outlook on life. Iíll remember the leaf in the stream analogy. Thank so much. For a volunteerÖyou were really more of an organizer and much like Mark, everywhere.

To the vendors, thank you so much for your generosity to the club. The items you donated were awesome! I think folks got excited seeing all of the quality items that were there? I tried to talk to all of you a bit. It was great to put faces to the mystical screen names that we are familiar with. I know a lot of you traveled quite a distance to come to the fest. I hope it was successful for all of you? Dan, I donít know HOW your poor car does it with all the stuff you brought?

I thought the BioDiesel portion of the event was a HUGE success. The interest was overwhelming. I apologize to the vendors because at times, it was hard to move around and hard to hear. Marc, I got to listen to portions of your presentation and you did a great job. I hope you consider doing more of these? Next time, I think it would be advantageous to get you a separate room. I apologize for that but we had no idea it would be as big of a draw.

Thanks to the VWRally race team. Your car was a big draw. I am glad you made it and I hope the folks of TDIClub continue to support your efforts. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend. Good luck in your upcoming events.

Matt, Jason and Bruce, thanks for helping out in the garage. Iím sure the folks that had wrenching done appreciated it. Your knowledge helped out a lot! Matt, please keep me informed on how your finger is doing. Fingers do NOT make good engine mounts as you are supposed to remove your finger before the engine is lowered.

Fred, thanks for choosing us for this years event. I remember you asking me what made Ed and I chose Lake Mills for the event location? I hope that question was answered? Ed and I had an idea to keep the group together and build a relationship amongst the club members and the vendors. If you think back and recall the event, our goal was to keep folks together. We wanted to have people meet each other and do things together as a group. I think we achieved this? This was small town America folks. This is how and where a lot of us have grown up or grew up as children. Itís a nice experience where folks say ďhiĒ to each other as we walk down the sidewalks. Crime rates are low. You run into people you know all the time. People mingle or meet up at the ice cream parlors. We have pig roasts and corn boils all the time. There is always a festival of some sort going on and everyone is welcome to attend.

Thanks to everyone for attending. Thanks for your generosity. We attempted to keep the costs down as low as possible and give people a good value for the money spent. I think we succeeded. I hope everyone had FUN! Thatís what our main goal was. It was nice to put faces with names. I look forward to meeting up with some of you again in the future. Who knows where the next TDIFest will be held? Hopefully, Iíll get to run into some of you again there? I met some of the greatest people while doing this fest.

A sincere THANKS for ALL of the volunteers. Without you, this event could have never taken place. You all stepped up when we needed you.

Take care and keep in touch,
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Old September 6th, 2005, 11:23   #15
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Default Thank-you

Hi All,

Awesome job organizing this Fest. What a great group of folks with a common bond! If we were all to get a blood test, it would probably have a small portion of cetane in it!

The dyno was awesome, you guys at "Fast Enough" busted butt!

Thanks Fred for all your hard work too. The TDI club has grown into a monster, and just think what it will be in the years to come, with gas prices at $5/gal. It's a great place for getting info and finding resources beyond the dealerships. hehe

I want to thank all those who left with RC hex mods. I've got an obsession for tuning and repairing these cars and didn't expect so many other Gen-X muscle heads to share that same passion. It's amazing to hear what other cars are parked in your garages. ie. SRT10's, Vette's, Buick GN's, GTO's, etc.

I really look forward to next year already. I'll get on a plane for this group anyday so where ever it is I'm there!

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