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Fuels & Lubricants Discussion all about Fuels & Lubricants. synthetic oil, conventional oil, brands, change intervals, diesel grades, gelling and such debated items like that. Non TDI related postings will be moved or removed. This forum is NOT for the discussion of biodiesel and other alternative fuels.

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Old November 7th, 2019, 21:56   #781
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Ravenol is another option.


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Originally Posted by 3L3M3NT View Post
I'm glad I could contribute and hopefully it saves others some money in the future by not having to buy OEM fluid from the dealer, since last I checked it was in the $26 range.

That BG Syncro Shift II looks like a good option as well. Where do you purchase it at?
For reference--->https://www.bgprod.com/catalog/drive...ncro-shift-ii/
Late response but I believe I got it here:


It seems like it has gone up in price. When I bought it in 2013 it was like $15/quart.
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Old February 16th, 2020, 18:38   #783
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A bump of an old thread because it's still relevant
So I called VW and double checked the specification of gear oil and for the O2J EGR transmission it specifies 070 oil as replacement.
Just using the year and model they came back with 060
This is a bit of information I found
Volkswagen Oil Specifications
Volkswagen introduced its own specifications in mid '90s. Since then this classification system is the starting point for selecting the technically suitable products for all vehicles manufactured by the VW group (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda).
Check out our new article providing in-depth explanation to all VW motor oil specifications!
Volkswagen Motor Oil Specifications
VW 500.00
Volkswagen specification for multigrade engine oils for gasoline engines with SAE 5W-X/10W-X viscosity. This is an "old" oil specification and is applicable to engines built before model year 2000 (up to August 1999). Oils with an approval made post March 1997 were given an alternative, later VW specification.
VW 501.01
Conventional motor oils suitable for some VW engines built before MY 2000. This is an “old” oil specification and is applicable to engines built before model year 2000 (up to August 1999). Oils with an approval made post March 1997 were given an alternative, later VW specification.
VW 502.00
Oil for gasoline engines. Successor of VW 501.01 and VW 500.00 specification. Recommended for those which are subject to arduous conditions. It must not be used for any engines with variable service intervals or any which are referred to under other specifications.
VW 503.00
Long-life gasoline engine oil for VW cars with WIV (system for longer service intervals). Also meets ACEA A1, SAE 0W-30 or 5W-30 specification.
VW 503.01
This specification is specifically for Audi RS4, Audi TT, S3 and Audi A8 6.0 V12 models with outputs of more than 180bhp, running with variable service intervals (30,000km or 2 years). Now superceeded by the VW 504.00 specification.
VW 504.00
The VW 504 00 specification superceedes the VW 503 00 and VW 503.01 specifications. VW 504 00 oils are suitable for engines meeting the demands of Euro IV emissions standards.
VW 505.00
Passenger car diesel engine oil specification, minimum performance level CCMC PD-2. Lists viscosities SAE 5W-50, 10W-50/60, 15W-40/50, 20W-40/50 requiring 13% max. evaporation loss and SAE 5W-30/40, 10W-30/40 requiring 15% max. evaporation loss.
VW 505.01
Special engine oil for VW turbodiesel engines with pump-injector-unit and for the V8 Commonrail turbodiesel engines. Meets ACEA B4 SAE 5W-40 specification.
VW 506.00
These oils are suitable for diesel engines with extended service intervals of up to 50,000km / 2 years. Not for use on engines with a single injector pump. Oil change is indicated by the electronic service indicator. Viscosity is SAE 0W30.
VW 506.01
These oils are especially for "Pumpe-Düse" (unit injector or "PD" engines) running on extended service intervals (30,000 - 50,000km / 24 months). Oil change is indicated by the electronic service indicator.
VW 507.00
Low SAPS oils suitable for Euro 4 engines and almost all VAG diesel engines from 2000 onwards with extended service intervals, unitary injector pumps and also Pumpe-Düse ("PD") engines. Excludes V10, R5 engines and VW Commercial vehicles without fitted DPF (diesel particulate filters) – these must use a 506 01 specification oil.
VW 508.00/509.00
This specification combo (508.00 for petrol, 509.00 for diesel) requires a 0W20 viscosity, fuel economy oil with long life additives. These specifications are NOT backward compatible with the eariler VW specifications. Recommended for the new 2.0 TFSI 140 kW and 3.0 TDI CR 160 kW VW/Audi engines.
Volkswagen Gear Oil Specifications
VW G 009 317
Gear oil for mechanical and automatic 6 gear transmissions.
VW G 052 145 A2
Special synthetic gear oil with SAE 75W90 viscosity for front and rear differentials, including limited slip differentials.
VW G 052 162 A2
Special ATF with viscosity modifier. Suitable for 4 and 5 gear ZF automatic transmissions. Not suitable for 6 gear transmissions.
VW G 052 171
SAE 70W75 viscosity gear oil.
VW G 052 171 A2
Special gear oil designed for the manual transmissions of cars with transverse engines.
VW G 052 175
Special working fluid for Haldex clutches. Developed by Haldex and Statoil.
VW G 052 178
Gear oil with SAE 75W viscosity.
VW G 052 180 A2
Special gear oil for Audi Multitronic transmissions.
VW G 052 182 (VW TL 521 82)
Special gear oil for certain DSG dual clutch transmissions.
VW G 052 190 A2
Special VW gear oil for Multitronic CVT transmissions.
VW G 052 726
Monograde gear oil with SAE 75W viscosity.
VW G 052 798
SAE 70W75 viscosity gear oil.
VW G 052 911
Audi specification for transmissions used with longitudinal engine configurations. Products meeting this specification are of SAE 75W90 viscosity and also meet API GL-5 criteria.
VW G 052 990
Special ATF for automatic transmissions combined with differentials.
VW G 055 005
Special ATF for VW automatic transmissions and transaxles.
VW G 055 145
Transmission oil with 3% Sturaco additive.
VW G 055 162
Special ATF for VW automatic transmissions and transaxles.
VW G 055 175 A2
Special working fluid for Haldex clutches. Developed by Haldex and Statoil.
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