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TDI Fuel Economy Discussions about increasing the fuel economy of your TDI engine. Non TDI related postings will be moved or removed.

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Old October 13th, 2017, 13:32   #16
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Default .216's or not, that is the question

Originally Posted by tonyweiss11 View Post
Thanks Nevada TDI, Jetta Pilot, and Exenos. Sounds like the .216 is the vote for best all around combo'ed with a stage 3 tune. Right now my current plan is to do nozzles and a tune. A new clutch when this one wears out.

I do not plan to do turbo upgrade or exhaust. Just trying to get a little more HP to combo with the already great torque and increase MPG at higher cruising speeds.

Are .216 still the best choice even if I don't upgrade turbo, intake, or any other engine mods?

I have a local friend who tunes TDI's and specializes in diesels who I may have do my tune. Do most of you guys use KermaTDI for yours? That seems to be pretty highly recommended.
Running .216's with a Stage 3 tune is a great combo that also helps to keep EGT's check due to the shorter duration of injection window. TBH, I wish i would have spent the few extra dollars and purchased .216's instead of the .205's back when I got my Stage 3 tune. I ended up having to purchase nozzles twice with my current setup. I am not maxing out my PP764's fuel wise so .216's would have been a good choice both then and now. On a good day with my Stage 4 tune I get 48-50 MPG at 72 MPH; I believe if I had .216's instead I could likely get another 3 or 4 MPG at that speed. The potential caveat here is who wrote your tune, and what did you want it to do or be capable of doing? I have never heard of a Stage 3 Econo tune, but all these years later maybe one does exist.
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Old October 13th, 2017, 13:43   #17
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The only fuel economy vs. longevity trade off I can think of is using lighter engine oils, like a 0w30, instead of a 5w40. This can result in a litttttle bit better fuel economy, but increases engine wear.

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Originally Posted by BRUSSELS BELGIAN View Post
Maybe I should pay MYSELF to do bad work on my car!
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Old October 13th, 2017, 16:00   #18
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Originally Posted by 251 View Post
Well, Jeff (Rocketchip) does all his tunes in person and he is still in demand. There is a GTG he is attending tomorrow and there are 15 individuals already on a list for his tuning services. So he is still a valid option especially for those on the East Coast and most Midwestern locations as he is based out of Pennsylvania.
Good to know, Ive never really heard much about him so I couldn't say much.
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Old October 13th, 2017, 19:57   #19
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Does anyone have any experience with cleaning injectors and intake and if that increases MPG? Just curious. From what I read on another forum, the spray pattern of the injectors seems to be as important as the actual injector as far as MPG. When you guys put your new injectors in did you do it yourself or take it to get professionally adjusted for spray pattern, timing etc.?

Right now I think my injectors are “OK”. The engine fires up pretty quick and no smoke or anything, but they may be dirty or spray poorly. They are the original injectors, never cleaned to my knowledge.
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Old October 13th, 2017, 20:19   #20
Gadget Guy
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Quality of the injector spray pattern is probably the #1 thing you can do to improve fuel economy beyond having a clean air filter.

Look up diesel purge.

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Old October 14th, 2017, 03:11   #21
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A lot of questions here and pretty good answers. I appreciate the comments and information.

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Old October 14th, 2017, 12:57   #22
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Just to get back once more.
My former 2002 Jetta had the bad 4 speed automatic so the nozzles were .158 for the automatic. Why? Who knows VW's thinking. But the injector pump was bigger than on the manuals. The manuals had .205's nozzlesand that was my first step. Made a big improvement. Next way back in 2005 we had a member who did Unitronic tunes. So I had that done. Another big step up.
Any more than a stage 2 tune will require a larger turbo, mucho dineros.
Also may need EGR delete etc and the costs will be mounting up.

In my opinion a Stage 2 is or should be plenty for most people unless you also intend wearing out tires quicker than normal and replacing the clutch or auto tranny prematurely. When I got the Passat last year the Jetta was still running like a top. I DO NOT do jack rabbit starts at any time!
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Old November 9th, 2017, 18:24   #23
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As far as tuners go I would go with someone well known locally first, then someone who can furnish a loader of some kind, then just a tuner. It can be invaluable to be able to change out the tune as needed sometimes.

I had a Rocketchip tune from Jeff on my 2006 PD Jetta. Very nice tune but wanted to make some changes and couldn't as he was never around Texas again to my knowledge. I have a Malone on my 2003 Beetle with Flashzilla. Much better way to do things in my opinion and more convenient when a change is needed.
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