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Fuels & Lubricants Discussion all about Fuels & Lubricants. synthetic oil, conventional oil, brands, change intervals, diesel grades, gelling and such debated items like that. Non TDI related postings will be moved or removed. This forum is NOT for the discussion of biodiesel and other alternative fuels.

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Old March 8th, 2019, 10:49   #46
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Join Date: May 2008
Location: US
Fuel Economy: 57 mpg driving like a granny on HWY-5 from LA to SF

I have been using HPR on my golf alh and 335d only,, ive been pumping it for a long time my golf and no IL effect on my IP, no leaks,,, but I do not mix with D2, only 2 stroke oil for lubricity for my 12 mm pump,, my jetta and passat they only see D2 from top tier gas station,
1/4 mile run----13.98 sec. @ 105.37 mph 8 years ago
I dynoed at 275HP at LCD back then, now 2.0 TDI with the real bolt ons, HP and TQ who knows???
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Old March 8th, 2019, 11:16   #47
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TDI(s): A4 Jetta
Fuel Economy: 57/43/32

I ran a few tanks of HPR diesel when I was in California over new years, I love the stuff. No leaks for me, no MPG hit, (I've logged every fill up since the car was new, 240,000 miles ago). My car does normally blow haze visible at night in headlights behind me, but the HPR eliminated that completely. Car sounded about the same at idle, but at 2000-3000 RPM it sounded like a gasser it was so quiet. I'll certainly use it in my sprinter and Jetta whenever I am in California.

Hp vs. TQ
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Old November 2nd, 2019, 05:58   #48
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Location: Free Union,VA
Fuel Economy: 42-51

To the top.
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Old November 7th, 2019, 14:22   #49
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Join Date: May 2019
Location: Cameron Park, CA
TDI(s): 2012 Golf
Fuel Economy: 36

I discovered that select 76 stations in CA are also offering their version of renewable diesel. I didn't see a spec sheet for the fuel, but the claimed cetane rating is 70+. There's also savings for paying with their mobile App, and and even more if paying mobile with their card.


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Old November 12th, 2019, 17:19   #50
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Location: Northern California

Im going to fill up with the 76 renewable diesel today i hope it wont leak like HPR
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Old December 11th, 2019, 08:19   #51
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Location: Southeast Texas
Fuel Economy: 37 MPG (~ 45% city)
Default Lack of aromatics in RD maybe problematic (and solvable)

This is a good point Matt makes regarding "complete lack of aromatics make old seals shrink". The paper referenced in this thread has this to say on the subject:

* Lack of aromatics maybe problematic
o Use of renewable jet is limited to 50% to ensure a minimum aromatic content of finished fuel
–Minimum aromatics needed for elastomer swell to ensure sealing in

the fuel system
–Full approval for 50% blends of renewable jet from FAA and ASTM
o On-road diesel may follow suit with a limit on minimum aromatic

content of fuel

* RD100 maybe an issue for elastomer swell on fuel wetted parts

I am traveling at the end of this year to LA area and I hope to give HPR a try if a fuel station is on our way. I might add a few ounces of diesel additive for the lubricity just in case.

Originally Posted by Matt-98AHU View Post
HPR is interesting stuff. As some have noted here, you do lose a little low end torque and efficiency. But thanks to the high cetane, cars to start easier, idle smoother and might have a little better top end power.

The downsides are that on old VE pumps with already very old, marginal seals, the complete lack of aromatics make old seals shrink and harden worse than the switch to ULSD. That having been said, if you have relatively new seals in the pump, no need to worry. A leaking pump is not a "failed" pump.

Conventional biodiesel is disappearing, at least in 100% concentrations, because CARB has found it to produce more NOx than regular diesel. While it may be cleaner in other aspects, as we all know, CARB has it out for NOx pollution. CARB is the reason retail stations are not allowed to sell 100% concentrations of conventional transesterified biodiesel. Not to mention, it has its own negative side effects. I know of one well known biofuel station in the Bay Area, in order to keep their retail product 100% renewable, they've effectively been blending biodiesel with HPR. Retail stations are allowed to blend upto B20 still, I believe. It's just the B100 that's difficult to come by.

HPR does reduce every single regulated emissions from the testing I've seen, including NOx. And most noticeably to those running modified or otherwise somewhat smoky old diesels, the soot production is far less as well and the difference is easily visible with the naked eye. For those with DPF equipped vehicles, this means more time between regen cycles because it will take more time for the filter to get to the threshhold where a regen is started, and thus you will ultimately have fewer regen cycles through the life of the vehicle. This is not a bad thing.

For those with LNT-equipped gen 1 commonrail TDIs, this means it may go a little longer between the micro-regens required for the LNT to work effectively due to lower NOx emissions. For SCR with diesel exhaust fluid equipped cars, this might mean a slightly lower dosing rate of DEF.

There are trade offs. It's not a perfect solution. And since my corner of the bay doesn't have an HPR station, I more often just opt for D2 anyway, plus, I get better low end torque and fuel efficiency, so there's that... If there was one closer, I'd likely alternate between the two pretty frequently.

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Old Yesterday, 14:18   #52
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Location: Vallejo, CA
Fuel Economy: Depends on which TDI :)

Originally Posted by Louie710 View Post
Im going to fill up with the 76 renewable diesel today i hope it wont leak like HPR
Ran two tanks of the stuff in my 2000 Beetle... Pump started leaking.

It's virtually the same stuff as HPR.

A little over an hour taking the pump apart on the car and putting new seals in, and it's running better than ever with no leaks. New o rings on the case pressure relief valve seem to help performance noticeably on older pumps. Not that they leak externally, but that lower o ring can relieve pressure prematurely and cause a loss of performance from not being able to adequately advance the timing under high loads.

If your pump starts leaking, I know a guy that can reseal it for reasonable money
Sole Proprietor, Diesel Autowerks in San Anselmo, CA. One man operation, email is preferred method of contact: email me with inquiries for service.
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