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Audi SUVs (Q7 & Q5) and other V6 TDIs Discussions area for Audi Q7 and Q5 TDI (2009+ in Canada & the US) as well as others with the V6 TDI such as the A6, A7 and A8 sedans.

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Old February 13th, 2019, 05:54   #46
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Originally Posted by 2014 A6 View Post
I was driving the ML when we had it. It was a great car on paper for me. After driving it, I realized it was a chic car. Wife had a Denali...and she wasn't willing to trade me. In retrospect I wish I would have twisted her arm a little more to swap. If so, we'd still have it.

Got the A6 and absolutely love it. If the thing had apple car-play and was a manual transmission it would check every box I have. Even without those two things, its about as close to perfect (for me) as it gets. I miss the pre-fix behavior of the engine and tranny, but the big check from Audi was too much of an inducement not to fix it. We recently traded in the wife's Suburban for a new Yukon for her. While I was tinkering with the Yukon, putting on some bells and whistles, the wife started driving the A6...almost one year later, she's still driving the A6. I can't get it back from her. For her not being a gearhead, she gets her pick of the cars around here. LOL!

If I were driving it, it would be tuned and then some. With her driving it, as long as I keep the DEF full and make sure I put in some stanadyne in the fuel tank, that's all the special treatment she gets right now. I've spoken extensively with Owain from Malone and will, some day, have it tuned by Malone and likely add some offroad components from Darkside.

In theory these diesel exhaust cleaners are a good thing. Practically they have been a PITA for everyone. With fuel rail pressures where they are these days, I bet the 3.0l diesels would pass a breather inspection within normal operating limits. However the emission inspections around me are all OBD-II so its an immediate fail if equipment is removed. If something reasonable happens with the emission inspections around me, in addition to the A6, I'd have an A7 (for me this time), and two Q5s for my soon-to-be drivers in the driveway. The low-end torque, efficiency, and creature comforts are just too nice not to have a fleet of 3.0L TDI Audi's.

So right now, I'll have to live vicariously through you and Trae if you get yours tuned or tuned and deleted. (BIG SIGH).
I see where we differ. My wife has mostly driven SUV's, where I prefer a sedan.

I spent quite a few days at the beginning of this endeavour debating between the A6 vs A7. The upsides are too far and few between for the A7 to spend the extra $5k to $8k or pay less for an older model. Seeing as I want the updated 2016 model it wasn't a hard decision and they are both great looking cars. Plus a tune and/or an updated RS6 grill will be in that extra cost range easily.

Now I just need to find one in Daytona Gray.
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Old February 13th, 2019, 08:15   #47
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Originally Posted by Huskies2710 View Post
Now I just need to find one in Daytona Gray.
My A6 is Daytona Grey with an S6 front grill
Great car! As for Apple Car play there are aftermarket kits to add it on. My Boss just put one in his Cayenne Diesel. Around $600 and goes INTO the factory radio. Note that he did have to remove and open the radio to add it.
2014 Audi A6 TDI, Unitronic Tuned
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Old February 13th, 2019, 10:31   #48
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Originally Posted by Huskies2710 View Post
I've talked to the shop about the delete as well. They professionally won't tell you what you should and should not do. The whole "grey area" off road use only. They do give a discount on the malone + delete package. Also, if I understood correctly. The shop just needs your VIN number ahead of itme. They get the info from malone, you drop the car off in the morning and should be done by night time. If you do the delete expect the car to be in the shop longer, and plan ahead to give them plenty of time to have a time slot for you because its not as simple to do in one day. This shop can sometimes not have an availability for 3 weeks.
My problem with the delete, is I've read a mixed bag of reviews stating two problems.
1) Cold warm ups in the winter time are noticeable. Talking 5-10 minutes before you get heat in Chicago is not something I would be happy with and the wife would be even more upset.
2) The smell after doing the delete is noticeable enough (in the 3.0 liter cars) you won't want to be at a stop light with windows down during the summer. I'm trying to find more information as to how true this is, again seems worse in the 3.0's, and info on the mufflers (Rawtek?) that can do a better job of keeping the smell down.
I'm leaning towards just the tune to start out. That alone might help the EGR/DPF run smoother and less often. I will delete if a problem comes around. There is a Malone Dynamic EGR but its not available for the A6 yet. They didn't have plans to put this in the works after I talked with Owain at Malone Tuning.
As for long warm-ups, it has butt warmers and a heated steering wheel. As as far as diesel exhaust aroma, it's like perfume to me - sometimes I wax nostalgic for my '96 Passat wagon with x2 oversized injectors, a Stage II tune, no muffler and a 2 1/2" straight pipe. After a frantic run from Chicago to St. Louis averaging 120-125mph, the entire rear end was covered in soot. Per Malone the delete increases fuel economy, livens up the vehicle considerably, gain in reliability due to drops in EGTs and EMP - at this point my main concern is doing something so visually obvious, that if I needed an expensive repair that would otherwise be covered by the dieselgate warranty, they'd notice the delete and say no way Jose.
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