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Old May 9th, 2020, 16:23   #76
Veteran Member
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Atlanta, GA

Ughhh that article made me want to throw my computer - looks like author just Google searched best and worst engines and put something together based on that. SMH

Corners cut and cost cutting? Yeah they wrote some ECU code to cheat emissions but I would hardly call the final 2 generations (in the US) TDI's some cheap corner and cost cutting lump.

How about the rampant BMW DI fuel pump failures, Toyota 1.8/2.4/2.5 oil guzzlers, Toyota 2.4 head gasket failures, sludged Toyota 2.2 and 3.0 engines, Nissan 2.5's eating their cat converters.....I could go on and on.
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Old May 11th, 2020, 17:57   #77
Join Date: Feb 2020
Location: Tulsa, OK, USA

I know the Ford EcoTech or boost or whatever they're called have the timing belts inside the oil system where they get brittle and crack. And the older direct injection petrol engines from VAG have chain problems and the intake manifolds clog up from EGR residue. Doesn't sound better than either of my TDIs!
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Old May 11th, 2020, 19:27   #78
Veteran Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: St.Paul, MN
TDI(s): 02 golf ALH
Fuel Economy: 42 stock, 47-49 now

Originally Posted by Shadow040 View Post
I know the Ford EcoTech or boost or whatever they're called have the timing belts inside the oil system where they get brittle and crack.
old honda motorcycle motors had wet timing belts
I don't remember them being all that failure prone
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Old May 25th, 2020, 14:34   #79
Veteran Member
Join Date: Mar 2019
Location: Santa Ana CA
TDI(s): Beetle 2005

To be fair to the author: The UK insurance industry routinely tracks how many engines suffered breakdown (and insurance had to fix them). They produced a ranking showing Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Ford (Europe) suffered the fewest engine failures.

At the bottom of the list was BMW, Audi, Volkswagen engines (VW was third to last). Now these are ALL engines not just TDI, but itvdoes indicate Audi/VW engineers habitually produce poor reliability

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Old May 25th, 2020, 18:31   #80
Powder Hound
Veteran Member
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Join Date: Oct 1999
Location: Conkud, New Hampshiyuh, USA

I stand by what I said. The article had nothing to do with failure rates, not when you're comparing exoticar engines that in real life have nothing on any daily driver driven by real humans.

But, BeetlePD's comments do have merit. Overengineering with poor execution makes for a really bad reputation because the results aren't anywhere near the initial promises.


You always pay for what you get. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
It is called dope because it does make you dumb.
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Old May 28th, 2020, 15:31   #81
Join Date: May 2019
Location: Vancouver, WA | Willimantic, CT
Fuel Economy: Mid 40's

I used to drive a 3V 5.4L triton, and the amount of time I've had to get a new coil pack, a new cam solenoid, or how many damn times a spark plug snapped in that engine is insane. So glad that my "worst engine ever" has been trouble-free for 119k now...
Oh, I take that back, I had a P2015 error which was permanently fixed with a $15 part and 15min of free time in the parking lot of my work. Yeah this mid 40 mpg's suck too, I wish I had that triton back because it was so much cleaner and safer for the environment running on 7/8 cyl most of the time! /s

The person that wrote this article is an absolute nut job who doesn't realize what they're talking about
Stock, for now!!
Originally Posted by amstel78 View Post
I don't normally replace fuel filters, but when I do, I don't use vagcom.
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Old May 31st, 2020, 13:21   #82
D. Lynch
Join Date: Apr 2001
Location: Hazeltown Canada

Our chipped tdi Jetta was a delight. It was stinking fast, and economical.

Some maintenance issues...mass airflow sensors...
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Old June 3rd, 2020, 05:29   #83
Veteran Member
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Mb
TDI(s): 2014

Originally Posted by oilhammer View Post
I have not seen much of any issues with the 6.7L. Which is actually a Ford engine (the earlier Powerstroke V8s were all Navistar).
Seen 3 blown engines in 2 years with 6.7, exhaust valves head breaks off is a common issue .Those 6.0 international engines weren't that bad , just had to spend alot to keep them running and making them "bulletproof"

I didn't click on the link either, it's just a smear campaign. Haters need to hate something, it's a world of " Cant beat the competition, talk s$%t about them " people now. Sad to see how as a human race we seem to be going backwards and de-evolving. I'm happy driving my economy diesel that puts a smile on my face when I realize how much people spend on their trucks.
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Old June 16th, 2020, 18:54   #84
Join Date: Feb 2020
Location: Saint-Zéphirin de Courval QC
Fuel Economy: 4.3 l/100 km

I can squeeze about 1,500 km from the tank during summer, about 1,200 during the worst months of winter, and road trips will yield around 1,700 km ; all of this after the VW “fix”. Seems to me that an engine using so little fuel, comparatively to any gasoline engine, could also be less “dangerous” to people’s health. But hey...
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Old June 25th, 2020, 22:50   #85
Veteran Member
Join Date: Mar 2019
Location: Santa Ana CA
TDI(s): Beetle 2005

Originally Posted by Powder Hound View Post
This writer has a hard on for unfathomably expensive high end gas engines, even the ones where the manufacturers lied
He’s also obsessed with BMWs which insurance companies rate as least reliable (frequent engine breakdowns). Oh well. If he loves BMW he ought to try the Inline-6 diesel engines. They takeoff like a rocket

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