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Old October 15th, 1999, 04:37   #1
Default $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS

$1,000 Volkswagen TDI A4 SuperCar Mods

Skypup sezs follow these 10 Steps to achieve TDI Nirvana:

1. Place one thousand dollars in your checking account.

2. Take any North American A4 Volkswagen 1.9L TDI diesel model (Golf IV, Jetta IV, or New Beetle) and rip the warranty page out of your owners manual.

3. Get some Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement or other good cetane booster and lubricity enhancer to treat the crappy North American diesel fuel supply and follow the instructions on the label.

4. Install an aftermarket oiled cloth K&N, RamAir, or other improved airfilter into your OEM airbox.

5. Remove the MAF screens from the front of the intake of the MAF assembly.

6. Call Wetterauer's North American office and arrange to ship them the TDI BOSCH ECU for a chipped software upgrade.

7. Call Techtonics Tuning and order a sweet cat-back 2.5" high performance exhaust system.

8. Get a good turbocharger boost gauge.

9. Turn the Garrett VNT15 nozzle actuator on the turbocharger one full turn to the left (clockwise), no more and no less.

10. Put key in ignition, turn key, apply WOT, hold the steering wheel centered, listen to the turbo hyperwhine, smell burning rubber, view smoke in rear view mirror, feel G-forces envelope body, watch turbo guage smack 23 PSI, slam on ABS disc brakes for a power stop, get out of car, hand law enforcement officer license, listen to his lecture attentively , accept fact that you've broken the law, keenly watch his nose when he first detects the diesel fumes, check for signs of amazement on his face, head on home, don't mention anything to wife, down a brew, relax, log on to Fred's TDI Performance Page, let everyone in the world know that you are one of the chosen few maverick diesel rebels in North America hauling some serious ass in the most technologically advanced ground vehicle on the continent. Read some BS from one of Ric's posts & log off. Send Fred 10% of your hop up money for a donation to his first class work. Take a snooze, dream about what yer gonna do to the suspension to keep it under control. Congratulations, you've reached Volkswagen TDI Nirvana!



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Old October 15th, 1999, 08:10   #2
Veteran Member
Join Date: Sep 1999
Location: Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium
Default Re: $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS

Well you have a sence of humour that's obvious. I laughed outloud reading your note. keep it that way and lets keep taking about TDIs (1.9 150 HP whenver it comes out someday)....

TDI-110HP boosted to 140HP VW GOLF 4 Belgian owner
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Old October 15th, 1999, 08:20   #3
Peter Cheuk
Gasser :P
Join Date: Aug 1998
Location: Daly City, Calif., USA
Default Re: $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS

If you live in a climate where the exhaust system is in danger of a quick death by corrosion (salt on the roads in the winter or salt in the air because you live near either coast) then you will need to add another $200 for Techtonics Tuning's stainless steel cat-back system.

Skypup, only one turn? I thought you went for three?
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Old October 15th, 1999, 08:28   #4
Default Re: $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS

One is for general purpose use by everyday people, three is for rocket scientists who are used to losing a few on the launch pad. I really do not believe that three would give long term survivability. Just listening to that turbine and compressor spool up and fly on three is enough for me to conclude this. Actually surprised none of the compressor hoses to the intercooler or intake manifold have blown up or off yet.
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Old October 15th, 1999, 09:04   #5
Veteran Member
Join Date: May 1999
Default Re: $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS


I was on Powerservice.com and those are very *big* bottles! How do you carefully get the right amount in your car?
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Old October 15th, 1999, 09:41   #6
Veteran Member
Join Date: Apr 1999
Location: Kitchener, Ont., Canada
Default Re: $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS

I have been through the Autometer website looking for the exact boost gauge you have, and cannot find it. Can you post the part number for yours as well as the mount? Thanks much.
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Old October 15th, 1999, 09:47   #7
Veteran Member
GeWilli's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 1999
Location: lost to new england
Fuel Economy: you keep track?
Default Re: $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS


I carry a modified tri-pour plastic beaker. I cut it down so I just have one of the pour spouts attached nad removed some of the material opposite that so I can dump the exact amount in the tank each time (yes I use the PS stuff, but I bought it in the 32oz bottle cause I wasn't sure if I wanted to use it forever, wellI am going back to get hte 96 oz bottle).

One Idea I had was to use one of the PS21 washerfluid bottles. The kind that measures out the same amount each time. calibrate what ever that amount is and refill the bottle as needed from the bulk source.
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Old October 15th, 1999, 09:58   #8
Default Re: $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS

I use a small 4OZ empty plastic chain saw oil bottle to pour the required amount into from the big bottle, just stick two small holes in the cap of the big bottle and pour into smaller bottle, no hassles whatsoever. The smaller bottle top fits right into the fuel tank inlet, no mess, no spill, no hassles.


2-5/8" Liquid-Filled
Mechanical Gauges

Pro-Comp liquid-filled gauges are designed
for racing applications having extreme
vibration or violent pounding. The bourdon
tube gauge mechanism is encased in
dampening fluid. This protection not only
provides steadiness to the pointer but also
adds longer life to the instrument.

Look in the 1999 catalog:

Catalog #5404 BOOST 0-35 PSI 2 5/8" Liquid Filled Mechanical Gauge, comes with all needed attachements. Get an A3 pillar pod (they do not make them for the A4 yet) and customize it with a hot knife to bolt onto A-pillar inthe A4 model VW TDI.

Better yet, get on the phone and call them.
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Old October 15th, 1999, 11:39   #9
Ric Woodruff
BANNED, Ric went to Coventry.
Join Date: Feb 1999
Default Re: $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS

Item 1: OK

Item 2: Not a good idea.

Item 3: Fuel Power is the better choice.

Item 4: Ho hum.

Item 5: Rats can then make a nest in there.

Item 6: Overpriced.

Item 7: Yawn.

Item 8: What for?

Item 9: Not!
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Old October 15th, 1999, 14:12   #10
Veteran Member
Join Date: Apr 1999
Location: Kitchener, Ont., Canada
Default Re: $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS

Wow, lucky they are not monitoring the TDI forum. If they ever knew what yo uguys have done to the Jetta and NB, and saw your postings, they would have busted you for sure!

"Hey THIS IS THE GUY on the net! He's the one with the modified TDI and regularly runs over 100 mph!"
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Old October 15th, 1999, 17:20   #11
Veteran Member
Join Date: Mar 1999
Default Re: $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS

Skypup, you're not done. When you remove the vacuum hose from the EGR this weekend, you'll be adding that mod to your list too, and its FREE.


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Old October 16th, 1999, 00:29   #12
Default Re: $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS

Ric - all that varnished sooted TDI of yours has been crying out for is a total dismantling with a good steamcleaning and sandblasting. The last thing that poor TDI needs is a turbogauge. Didn't you stuff a potatoe in yours to quiet it down? LOLOLOL

When are you going to post your pics of that white whale sitting in the suburban mall jungle parking lot disguised as a Jetta TDI? Everyone is dying to scope that machine out?!?
BTW, DON'T try posting it on the Performance Page, it won't work!

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Old October 16th, 1999, 00:39   #13
Default Re: $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS

Oops! Ric accidentally stumbled into the Performance section again!

1. $1000? From where, might I ask?

2. "Ripping" is a bit extreme. "Ignore" is a better idea.

3. Two words (2 1/2?) Chevron DieselMotive!

4. Great idea! Cheaper in the long run, even if it doesn't help power. (It won't, unless you proceed to step 6.) I can't figure out why a cheapskate like Ric isn't jumping all over this idea!

5. No point, unless you proceed to step 6. (Rats, Ric? Don't you have an air filter installed?)

6. Do it NOW!!! Do it YESTERDAY!!!!

7. One of these days. (When I get that magical $1000.)

8. Good idea.

9. Probably NOT a good idea, but you only live once! Might as well go out in a blaze of glory...

10. Got pulled over again this morning, this time for going 65 in a 65 zone. (Really!) The prick was so offended by the bright yellow Evil Beetle that he just assumed I was speeding. "I clocked you going 65 miles per hour, sir." "Well, there's a reason for that: THE SPEED LIMIT IS 65!!!" "Uhhhh, ummmmmm....well, everything seems to be in order here. Have a nice day." Idiots! Memo to cops: If you just want to check out the ride, follow me to a parking lot. I'll be glad to show you the car. But yellow=speeding is not very sound logic.

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Old October 16th, 1999, 00:50   #14
Default Re: $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS

Mickey, this is no lie. I was on the way to work and had just entered the city limits when one of our finest turned on his blue lights. I pulled over as the sun was rising on the horizon and he came and asked me for my license and I asked whats the problem here, I was cruising along in 4th at the posted speed limit. Meantime, his partner is around on the other side of the awesome TDI Jetta snooping around checking it out. Next, cop #1 says to me everything is in order, then cop #2 says, "Hey, this is one of those Turbodiesel Volkswagens!!!!AWESOME!!!! Can you show us the engine this is the first one I've ever seen up close??"
No problemo boys, turn the GD blue lights off and I'll be more than happy to give you a peek. This two cops were like a kid in a playboy magazine for the first time oggling and ugggling over every detail of my fine machine. Had to start it up so they could hear it, and when I left, #1 said, "Yup, even smells like one!" hahaha LOL

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Old October 17th, 1999, 09:49   #15
Frank TDI
Veteran Member
Frank TDI's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 1999
Location: Yorktown Hts, New York,USA
Default Re: $1,000 VW TDI A4 SUPERCAR MODS

Craig, Auto meter Gauge Works is coming out in November a pillar mount for the 1999/2000 model volkswagens. This will be for a 2 1/16 gauge.I have a pair of them mounted on my 1999 Jetta TDi. One is oil pressure and the other is boost/vac. The boost vac was the only one i could get at the time, but now there is a booost only one. Go to their site and request a catalog. they are quick to respond and are very helpful if you e-mail them.

Frank TDI
1997 Jetta TDI
1999 Golf TDI
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