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TDI 101 Got a simple/basic TDI question? Are you a newbie (new to the forums). Feel free to post your question here.

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Old December 7th, 2003, 20:27   #1
Join Date: Dec 2003
Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

I am new to the TDIclub and would like to know if anyone has compiled a list of frequenlty used abbreviations and there meanings. Some of the post that might have useful information, are useless secondary to the use of abbreviations I have no understanding of. If there is a list out there please let me know. Having a cummins turbo diesel, I belong to the TDR (Turbo diesel Register)---they have in their (FAQ-Frequently asked questions) a list of abbreviations and there meanings. This has greatly helped me as well as others and would like to see one compiled here. THANKS----New Member
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Old December 7th, 2003, 20:54   #2
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Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

I'm pretty positive this has been covered before. If you do a search you will probably turn up something.
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Old December 7th, 2003, 21:16   #3
FlyTDI Guy
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Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

I just did a search and... Most of the 'hits' are a bunch of fooling around. Here's one link that tells a few, not many...


A complete list may be a bit hard to find. After a bit of reading, many will come to light... Do a search and try 'acronyms' not abbreviations...

A few to start:

ABS= Antilock Brake System
ASR= Anti/Acceleration Slip Regulation
CAI= Cold Air Intake
CEL= Check Engine Light (same as MIL)
ECM= Electronic Control Module (Computer)
ECT= Engine Coolant Temperature
EGR= Exhaust Gas Recirculation (a valve/system on the car)
EGT= Exhaust Gas Temperature
FI= Forced Induction
GP= Glow Plug
IAT= Intake Air Temperature
IC= InterCooler
IDI= Indirect Injection
IQ= Injection Quantity
MAF- Mass Air Flow Sensor
MAP= Manifold Absolute Pressure
MFA= Multi-Funktions-Anzeige -or- Multi Function Display
MIL= Malfunction Indicator Light/Lamp (same as CEL)
MY= Model Year
NA= Naturally Aspirated -or- North America(n) -or- Not Applicable
PD= Pump Duese (injection system) (edited)
PPM= Parts per million
SOI/COI= Start/Commencment of Injection
TB= Timing Belt -or- Tuning Box
TDI= Turbocharged Direct Injection
TPS= Throttle Position Sensor
VAG= Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (Volkswagen Corporation)
VAG-COM= Software and cable combo to read and adjust the cars computer
AFAIK= As far as I know
FYI= For Your Information
IIRC= If I remember correctly
IMO= In my opinion
IMHO= In my honest opinion
ROFL= Rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO= Same as above but different
TTT= To the top

Well, that should get you started...
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Old December 7th, 2003, 23:35   #4
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Fuel Economy: 53mpg @ 85mph (best run)
Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

That is a nice list. I have been around this and other forums awhile, but am not always 100% of the meanings of acronyms that are being used. I even found a couple I could use.

I think the FNG (same as New Guy, only different) has a valid point. Maybe there should be a list of commonly used acronyms in the FAQ.

Just my $.02 worth.

Mike [img]/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]
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Old December 8th, 2003, 03:17   #5
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Fuel Economy: 52/45/38
Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

Here's some more, including all the useful ones from the link above, though that link is still worth checking out for the funny ones.

A3, A4, A5 – platform name for certain model years of Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Cabrio
ACC - Air Conditioning Compressor
ACEA - Association des Constructeurs Européens d' Automobiles(Euro Auto Manufacturers Assoc)
A/D - Analog to Digital
AF - AirFlow
AFU - All Fouled Up
AG - Attorney General
AGM - Absorbent Glass Mat battery
AHU,ALH - engine models for A3 and A4 respectively
ALA - Aftermarket Lubricant Additive
ANL - Argonne National Laboratory
API – American Petroleum Institute standard
ASC - Anti-Slip Control
ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials
ATDC - After Top Dead Center
ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluid
B4, B5 – platform name for certain model years of Passat
B20 - mixture of 20% biodiesel, 80% regular diesel
bbl - Billion Barrels of oiL
b/c - BeCause
BD – BioDiesel
BF - Brake Fluid
BHp - Brake HorsePower
BMEP - Brake Mean Effective Pressure
BO - Boost Overshoot, Best Offer
BSFC - Brake Specific Fuel Consumption
BTDC - Before Top Dead Center
BTU - British Thermal Unit
BTW - By The Way
CA - Central America
CAA/AAA - Canadian/American Automobile Association
CAD - CAnadian Dollars
CAFE - Corporate Average Fuel Economy
CAN - Controller Area Network, CANadian
CARB - California Air Resources Board
Cat – Catalytic Converter
CB - Catalyst Based, Citizens Band, Cetane Boost
CC - Cruise Control
CCA - Cold Cranking Amperes
CCM - Central Convenience Module
CCV - CrankCase Ventilation
CDA - Carbon Dynamic Airbox
CDI - Commonrail Direct Injection
CDN - CanaDiaN
CEN - Comité Européen de Normalisation (Euro Committee for Standardization)
CF,CG,CH,CI-4 – API oil standards for compression ignition (diesel) engine
CFPP - Cold Flow Plugging Point
CGSB - Canadian General Standards Board
CGI - Compacted Graphite Iron
CI - Compression Ignition, Cetane Index
CKP - CranKshaft Position sensor
CLS - Certified Lubrication Specialist
CONUS - CONtinental United States
CPO - Certified Pre-Owned warranty
CRD - Common Rail Diesel
cSt - CentiSTokes (kinematic viscosity)
CV - Constant Velocity joint
D/A - Digital to Analog
DAFS - Do A Forum Search
DC - Direct Current
DEER - Diesel Engine Emissions Reduction (DOE conferences)
DFI - Digital Fuel Injection
DFA/DFS - Diesel Fuel Additive/Supplement
D/FW - Dallas / Fort Worth
DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung standard
DIY - Do It Yourself
DMF - Dual Mass Flywheel
DOA - Dead On Arrival
DOE - Department Of Energy
DOHC - Dual OverHead Cam engine
DOT - Department of Transportation
DP - DownPipe, Dead Pedal
DPF - Diesel Particulate Filter
DRL - Daytime Running Light
DSG - Direct Shift Gearbox
DSP - Dynamic Shift Program, Digital Signal Processing
DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code
Dyno - Dynamometer
EBA - Engine Braking Assist
EBC - Engine Braking Control
ECK - Engine Cover Kit
ECM - Engine Control Module
ECU – Electronic Control Unit
EDL - Electronic Differential Lock
EDR(EDC) - Elektronische Diesel Regelung(Electronic Diesel Control) fuel injection
2-EHN - 2-EthylHexyl Nitrate
EIA - Energy Information Administration
ELSA - Elektronisches Service-Auskunftssystem (Service info system)
EM - Electron Microscope, ElectroMagnetic
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
EPROM - Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory
ESP - Elektronisches StabilitätsProgramm (Electronic Stabilization)
ESS - Engine Speed Sensor
ET - EinpressTiefe (wheel offset)
ETA/ETD - Estimated Time of Arrival/Departure
ETKA - Elektronischer Teile Katalog (VW’s computerized parts catalog)
FAP - Foreign Auto Parts
FF - Fuel Filter
FFA - Free Fatty Acid
FFT - Fast Fourier Transform
FHA - Federal Highway Administration
FIE - Fuel Injection Equipment
FIP - Fuel Injection Pump
FIS - FahrzeugInformationsSystem
FMEP - Friction Mean Effective Pressure
FMIC - Front Mounted InterCooler
FS – For Sale
FSI - Fuel Stratified petrol direct Injection
FT - Fischer-Tropsch diesel, For Trade
FTC - Federal Trade Commission
FU - Foul Up
FWD - Front Wheel Drive
FWIW – For What It’s Worth
GB – Group Buy, Glove Box
GDI - Gasoline Direct Injection
GHG - GreenHouse Gas
G/J - Golf/Jetta
GL,GLS,GLX – VW trim lines
GmbH - Gesellschaft Mit Beschränkter Haftung (Ltd Liability Corp)
GPH - Gallons Per Hour
GPS – Global Positioning System
GSM – Global System for Mobile communications
GST - Goods and Services Tax
GTA - Greater Toronto Area
GTG – Get Together
GTL - Gas To Liquid diesel fuel
GVRD - Greater Vancouver Regional District
GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
GWB - George W. Bush, George Washington Bridge
HB - HatchBack
HC - HydroCarbon
HD - Heavy Duty
HID - High Intensity Discharge bulbs
HOAT - Hybrid Organic Acid Technology coolant
HP - HorsePower
HSDI - High Speed Direct Injection
HTH - Hope This Helps
HTHS - High Temperature High Shear
HU - Head Unit
IANAL – I Am Not A Lawyer (disclaimer)
IASG - International Automotive Sector Group
ICC - Interstate Commerce Commission
ID - Inner Diameter
IDI - InDirect Injection (gas)
IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission
ILSAC - International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee
IM – Intake Manifold
I/M - Inspection and Maintenance
Immo - Immobilizer
IOW - In Other Words
IP - Injector Pump
IQ - Injected Quantity, In stock Quantity
ISO - International Organization for Standardization
ITT - Inlet Turbine Temperature
IVHS - Intelligent Vehicle Highway System
JIS - Japanese Industrial Standards
JSW - Jetta SportsWagon
JW - Jetta Wagon
KBB - Kelly Blue Book
LATCH - Lower Anchorage and Tether for CHildren
LED – Light Emitting Diode
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
LD - Light Duty
LF - Left Front
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
LPG - Liquid Petroleum Gas
LSD - Limited Slip Differential
LTFT - Low Temperature Flow Test
Mag - Magnesium wheels or light
MBC - Manual Boost Controller
Mcdo - McDonald's
MFD - Multi Function Display
MkIV or Mk4 – Mark IV, usually refers to cars using the A4 platform
M/M - Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
MO - Money Order, Missouri
MPG – Miles Per Gallon
MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheets
MSRP - Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price
MTL - Montréal
MUTCD - Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
N75 - boost pressure control solenoid valve
NADA - National Automobile Dealers Association price guide
NAIAS - North American International Auto Show
NB – New Beetle
NBB - National Biodiesel Board
NE - New England
NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NIB - Never Installed Before
NOx - Nitrogen Oxides
NOT - Normal Operating Temperature
NPT - National Pipe Thread
NVH - Noise, Vibration, Harshness
OBD - On Board Diagnostic
OBO - Or Best Offer
OCI - Oil Change Interval
OD - Outer Diameter
Odo - Odometer
OEM or simply OE – Original Equimpent Manufacturer
OMG - Oh My God
OP - Original Post/Poster
ORVR - On-board Refueling Vapor Recovery
OSAT - OutSide Air Temperature
OTOH - On The Other Hand
OTR - On The Road
PAO - PolyAlphaOlefin oils
PCB - Printed Circuit Board, PolyChlorinated Biphenyl
PDC - Park Distance Control, Parts Distribution Center
PDE - Pumpe-Düse Einspritzung
PDF - Portable Document Format
PDX – Portland, Oregon
PIN - Personal Identification Number
PIO - Poly Internal Olefin
PITA - Pain In The Arse
pls - please
PM - Particulate Matter, Private Message
P/N - Part Number
PNW – Pacific NorthWest
POS - Piece Of S***
PPP - Paie Pas Pantoute
PS - Power Steering, Post Script (also PowerService)
PSI - Pounds per Square Inch
PST - Provincial Sales Tax
PW - Power Windows
QA - Quantity Adjuster
RCA - Radio Corporation of America audio connector
R&D - Research and Development
RF - Right Front
RLR - Remote Lid Release
RME - Rapeseed oil Methyl Ester (biodiesel base)
RPM - Rotations Per Minute
RTFM/RTFQ - Read The Freaking Manual/Question
RWD - Rear Wheel Drive
SA - Société Anonyme (=incorporated), South America
SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers standard (usually “English” not metric measures)
SAPS - Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus, & Sulfur
SB - Smart Box
SCCA - Sports Car Club of America
SCR - Selective Catalytic Reduction
SDI - Suction Direct Injection
SEM - Scanning Electron Microscope
SFBA - San Francisco Bay Area
SG - Specific Gravity
SJ,SK,SL – API oil stardards for spark ignition engines (non-diesel)
SKC - Secret Key Code
SMD - Surface Mount Device, Specific Material Designation
SMF - Single Mass Flywheel
SMIC - Side Mount InterCooler
SO - Significant Other
SOHC - Single OverHead Cam engine
SOL - So Out of Luck
SPL - Sound Pressure Level
SRP - Stealth Race Pipe
SRS - Supplemental Restraint System (airbags)
STLE - Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers
SULEV - Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
SUV - Sport Utility Vehicle
SVO - Straight Vegetable Oil
SW,s/w - ShortWave, SoftWare
T90 - Temperature at which 90% of fuel evaporates
TB – Timing Belt, Tuning Box, Throttle Body
TBA - To Be Announced
TBN – Total Base Number
TC - Torque Converter, Touring Class, Transport Canada
Tcf - Trillion Cubic Feet
TCM - Transmission Control Module
TDC - Top Dead Center
TFL - TagFahrLicht (DRL), Torch FlashLight
TIA - Thanks In Advance
TIP - Turbo Inlet Pipe
TIT - Turbine Inlet Temperature
TMC - Traffic Message Channel
TPS - Taxe sur les Produits et Services
TSB - Technical Service Bulletin
TT - an Audi model
TTY - Torque To Yield (stretch) bolts
TÜV - Technischer ÜberwachungsVerein standards lab
UCBO - UnConventional Base Oil
UFB - UnFreaking Believable
ULEV - Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
ULSD – Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
UOA - Used Oil Analysis
USD - United States Dollars
VDS - Vehicle Description Section
VE - VertEiler (distributor) pump
VG - Variable Geometry
VHVI - Very High Viscosity Index
VIN - Vehicle Identification Number
VNT - Variable Nozzle Turbine
VOA - Virgin Oil Analysis
VOC - Volatile Organic Compounds
VRLA - Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery
VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor
VTG - Variable Turbine Geometry
VWV - VolksWagen Vortex board
2WD/4WD - 2/4 Wheel Drive
WFC - Warp Field Collapse
WFO - Wide Freaking Open
WHp - Hydraulic HorsePower
WMI - World Manufacturers Identification
WOT – Wide Open Throttle
WP - Water Pump
WTB – Want To Buy
*** – What The F***
WTG - Way To Go
WVO - Waste Vegetable Oil
XHVI - eXtra High Viscosity Index
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary

And then there’s abbreviations for members, such as
DD - dieseldorf
DG – DieselGeek (member name corrado tdi)
DBW – Drivbiwire

And company/product names:
ADC - Amsoil Diesel fuel additive Concentrate
ADM - Archer Daniels Midland
AMSOIL - AMatuzio Synthetic OIL
ARP - Automotive Racing Products
AST - Assenmacher Specialty Tools
ATE - Alfred Teves Erzeugnissen (brakes)
AVL - Anstalt für Verbrennungskraftmaschinen • List (Diesel engineering firm)
AZ – AutoZone
BP - British Petroleum
CAT – CATerpiller
C&D - Car & Driver magazine
CR - Consumer Reports
CT – Canadian Tire
D1 - Delvac 1
DK - PS DieselKleen
GCF - Gulf Coast Filter
GE - General Electric
GY - GoodYear
HF – Harbor Freight
H&R - Heine und Remmen springs
KK&K - Kühnle, Kopp, und Kausch turbos
K&N – Ken and Norm air filters
MB - Mercedes Benz
MOMO - Moretti-Monza cabin accessories
NS – Neuspeed
OAI - Oil Analyzers Incorporated
OMD - Oldman Modified Dawes boost controller
PB – Pierburg
PC – PetroCanada
PS - Power Service
QS - Quaker State
RC - Rocket Chip
RL - Red Line oil
SDP - Steyr-Daimler-Puch engines
STP - Scientifically Treated Petroleum
TA - Travelcenters of America
Up - Upsolute chip
VASB - Van Aaken Smart Box
VWC - Volkswagen Canada
VWoA – Volkswagen of America
Wett - Wetterauer chip
WRD - Watercooled Racing Development

I have two minor quibbles with FlyTDI Guy
PD – Pumpe Deuse
IMHO – In My Humble Opinion

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Eric Maurier
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Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

dqa said:
I have two minor quibbles with FlyTDI Guy
PD – Pumpe Deuse

[/ QUOTE ]

PD- Pumpe Duese [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
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Old December 14th, 2003, 16:43   #7
FlyTDI Guy
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Fuel Economy: 56.5/44/41
Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

As this comes up fairly often... TTT
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Old December 14th, 2003, 16:48   #8
Airhead Butcher
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Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

To The Top!
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Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

dqa said:
CF,CG,CH,CI-4 – API oil standards for compression ignition (diesel) engine

[/ QUOTE ]

Not exactly correct. The recent API oil ratings for diesel engine motor oil are CF, CF-4, CG-4, CH-4, CI-4. All of these can substitute for CE, CD, CC, CB, and CA. The -4 ratings can substitute for earlier -4 ratings (e.g. CI-4 can substitute for CH-4, CG-4, and CF-4). However, CF and CF-4 are different and cannot be substituted for each other. Which means that an oil rated API CF is not suitable for recent TDI engines that accept API CF-4, unless the oil has some other rating (e.g. API CF-4, CG-4, CH-4, or CI-4, or the appropriate ACEA or VW rating) that is acceptable.

Diesel engine motor oil ratings from ACEA:

B1, B3, B4, B5. Note that they are not necessarily substitutes for each other; recent non-PD VW TDI engines accept B3 or B4, but not B1 or B5. The A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5 ratings are ACEA ratings for gasoline engine motor oil.

VW oil ratings:

505.00: for many non PD TDI engines such as those sold in the US through the 2003 model year.

505.01: for PD TDI engines like those sold in the US for the 2004 model year. Engines that specify this rating often don't accept any other oil rating (although the oils that have this rating may have some other oil ratings).

500.00, 502.00: for VW gasoline engines.
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Old December 20th, 2003, 20:35   #10
Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

DSG - Direct Selection Gearbox

[/ QUOTE ]

Isn't it "Dual Sequential Gearbox" ?
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Old December 22nd, 2003, 05:48   #11
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Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

I think you're both half-right: Direct Sequential Gearbox.

OTOH, maybe it's some abbreviation in German, sort of like MFA...
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Old December 26th, 2003, 21:35   #12
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Fuel Economy: 52/45/38
Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

I checked into this one carefully before posting it. More technical minds can describe what differences there may be between direct selection and dual sequential.

However, if you punch the terms into Google, with "vw", you'll get many more hits, and more authoritative ones, with "Direct Selection Gearbox."

For instance, a press release from Volkswagen UK.

Update: It now appears that the proper phrase is Direct Shift Gearbox. Thanks to ufoguy, who pointed this out based on his drivers manual insert.
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top post dawg
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Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

2TF = 20 Year old Tractor Fuel

this simple and innocent sounding abbreviation is directly repsonsible for putting Fred's on the map and making it a world-renowned stopover for people wanting to discuss TDis.

Here is the famous quote from Ric Woodruff that made history:

Ric Woodruf says:

Today, I dumped into my Ford Tractor's fuel tank the last couple gallons of that ancient diesel fuel that I put into my TDI about 6 months ago (you know, the fuel that smells like paint thinner).

Shortly after starting, the engine quit. A white mist came out of the exhaust pipe during subsequent cranking to try to restart. Oh, no - water in fuel!!!

I yanked the fuel line off of the injector pump and let it drain for a while onto the ground. A bunch of crud was visible going into the fuel filter.

I reconnected the fuel line to the injector pump and cranked it. After about 10 seconds it started running, and after about another few seconds it ran like normal. Water must have been at the bottom of the tank.

The most curious thing about the old fuel is that it seems to run cleaner than ordinary (fresh) fuel. There is no detectable smoke, whereas normally exhaust is quite apparent, both visible and especially the smell.

I will be changing my fuel filter soon.

[This message has been edited by Ric Woodruff (edited August 01, 1999).]

Ric Woodruff
Classic 1998 (A3) Jetta TDI

[/ QUOTE ]

...this stuff goes back many years and I know that it will be unfamiliar to most of our new members but this was clearly a significant moment for the TDi Club. Let us not forget!!

link to thread [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

I miss Ric. Mickey too!

They sure kept things lively!

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Old December 27th, 2003, 09:25   #15
top post dawg
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Default Abbreviations-----Please help!

I miss the Ric-meister as well and he did always have the knack for keeping people guessing !! [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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