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TDI Power Enhancements Discussions about increasing the power of your TDI engine. i.e. chips, injectors, powerboxes, clutches, etc. Handling, suspensions, wheels, type discussion should be put into the "Upgrades (non TDI Engine related)" forum. Non TDI vehicle related postings will be moved or removed. Please note the Performance Disclaimer.

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Old January 28th, 2018, 17:11   #1
Join Date: Jan 2018
Location: Portugal
TDI(s): Bora
Default Help with 'Build'


So I currently have a problem, my engine's turbo is leaking oil, so I believe it is giving his last breaths. No idea why, since the previous owner was an old man, and I also drive it quite passively, I like speed, but since it's my car, I just speed up once in a while, yet, even like that it shutdown, anyway, I like to have my car to its best, it's fairly clean in my eyes for a Bora and oreviews are good, even tho I'll completely change its aesthetics.

But since I have problems with the turbo might as well just achieve better performance with, it if possible.

Anyway this is the info I can provide and hopefully someone will be able to help me.

I have a AJM 115HP PD, 2000 with 167k KMs on the clock. I bought it from the previous owner, who bought it from VW, 2 years ago and never had troubles with it until now.

I can remove the oil dip stick and the engine 'respirator/breather(?)' while the car is working/idle and I have no gas or oil leaking which tells me my cylinders and pistons are fairly good... around the engine the only oil leaks I see asides of the turbo is the EGR which I already 'deactivated', plan on cleaning it along with the inlet manifold when I do the mods.

So the mods I'm thinking to make are:

- EGR complete delete.
- Whole straight pipe. 70mm downpipe and the rest 63mm.
- ASZ(130hp) map sensor.
- ASZ injectors.
- Turbo 1749vb rebuilt from ARL(150hp).
- Reinforced Front Mount IC from ARL.
- Remap to bring that to 200HP.

On top of that I'll be doing the normal maintenence, even tho it doesn't need, but I'll be replacing:

- Oil/Air/Gas Filters.
- Timing belt and Water Pump.

The question is, I do know the turbo from ARL and the injectors from asz can handle the 200hp, hell, there are ASZs where I live that are pushed to 350+ with 150 NOS shots, but will my AJM block handle it without blowing up? I'm aiming at the 200hp mark maybe 210/20 max, but if the map is as expected I'm aiming for 200hp on point.

Like I said I'm not doing drags nor racing every night, I just like to floor it occasionally.

I'm also going to get a better clutch to handle the extra power.

Opinions, please?

Thanks for your time!

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Old January 29th, 2018, 01:00   #2
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Location: Northern MD
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A: old ppl driving habbits are bad for TDI's, you want to hammer on it a few good pulls every week or so.
B: when you get a used TDI, always do a timing belt job and new fluids all around. Trust us on this one. old ppl dont do maintenance like the forum members do. this is important.
C: Might not be on its last breaths, here is why. 167K is NOTHING. wait till you get to 400K, then start thinking, hey, maybe the engine just broke in and i might do a few things to keep it healthy now.
D: your list looks solid. i would add to it that you get a set of proper gauges, Auber is my favorite and the best IMHO. cheep insurance.

talk to Malone, he is one of the best tuners here. there are others but my reference is with him. great communication and help.

Your probably going to need a new clutch though. if you inject anything its going to be water/meth to control the EGT's and gain a bit more power, the Auber gauges are epic with this set up as they have relays in them you can control. Dont worry about NOS, you can get way more power cheaper elsewhere.
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Old January 29th, 2018, 03:43   #3
Join Date: Jan 2018
Location: Portugal
TDI(s): Bora

Hey mate, thanks for your reply!

I know the turbo should have lasted longer, but it's leaking oil badly and is making a really strange whistle, guess I was lucky with the engine itself, but my turbo didn't want to comply... I was also thinking of just remapping it soft and repair my turbo and still do a full checkup just to be safe... Filters, Timing Belt waterpump and fluids, since I'm either replacing the turbo or fixing mine. And after that do a soft map for smth like 140-150hp. If AJM can handle that reliably. Not gonna lie I'd love to get those 200HP, but I'm more of a stance guy myself :P so 150hp should be reasonable, just to give it a better woshhhhh. Is AJM capable of handling that reliably with stock parts but with the full checkup I'm planning on doing?

Once again, thank you in advance!
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Old January 29th, 2018, 08:54   #4
Veteran Member
Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Northern MD
Fuel Economy: Race: 12mpg, Gandma:65mpg

Take the intake boot off the turbo, get a set of feeler gauges and tell us how much side to side play you have and how much back and forth play you have, you should have some side to side but almost none back to front play.
How much oil? are you able to measure it? set up a make shift catch can with a monster tall aluminum can or something similar and bypass the preturbo CCV, dump it inoto the can and let it dump the exhaust down to the ground, its going to be stinky but drive it for about 50 miles. Also before you go for a test 50 miles, clean out the intercooler pipes and intercooler as best you can with out using any chemicals at all, basically drain and measure, do your 50 or 100 mile test, and repeat and measure out what you get and report back. its very normal to have some in there, more than a cup or so is not good, a quart is BAD, in 100 miles, you should only get a few table spoons worth in the intercooler and maybe a a tiny bit in the catch can, if you have more than this, your turbo is not in good shape. I HIGHLY suggest a oil PSI gauge on the turbo feed line.
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Old February 26th, 2018, 11:27   #5
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If you can afford it, I would recommend getting a newer generation turbo. At least a GTB1756vk, but better yet would be the new GTD1752vrk.
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RTDI Build Thread
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