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TDI Power Enhancements Discussions about increasing the power of your TDI engine. i.e. chips, injectors, powerboxes, clutches, etc. Handling, suspensions, wheels, type discussion should be put into the "Upgrades (non TDI Engine related)" forum. Non TDI vehicle related postings will be moved or removed. Please note the Performance Disclaimer.

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Old October 21st, 2010, 01:13   #1
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Canada
TDI(s): 2.0 CR TDI
Question Engine Swap: 2010 CJAA 2.0 TDI Golf CAN Spec --> CBAA/CBAB/CBBB Euro Spec motor

My motor seized (oil drained fast) and is not being covered by either insurance or warranty (quite the catch 22)

I have 2010 Golf CR TDI Canadian Highline 6 Speed Manual with 140BHP and Engine Code CJAA

Previous Jettas/JSW from 2009 had the CBEA engine also 140HP in both the US and Canada. Europe has basically the same engines:

The CBAA is 100 KW or 136HP
the CBAB is 103KW or 140HP
The CBBB is 125KW or 170HP

Engine long block is basically the same from what i could glean from ETKA.

Here is what I have put together so far for comparision of parts. If someone has newer ETKA with the 2010 model (CJAA engine) can someone please also compare these parts, especially clutch,flywheel, turbo/manifold, and all engine related parts that are major.

Just quote this post and add the part numbers for the CJAA engine in Red Please. Help would be much appreciated especially in the computability of drivetrain etc.


CBEA (103KW, PRGround D91)
long block R=8 Price 6950+VAT=8201

CBAA(100KW PRGroup D94)/CBAB (103KW PRGroup D91)

long block F >>1k-9-415 000* R=8 Price 6810 +VAT=8035
long block F >>1k-9-415 000* R=7 Price 3570 +VAT = 4212
#03L100033NX (exchange/core part number) long block CBA,CBA
Cylinderblock marked with 03L 103 021 A/B

Longblock F 1k-9-415 001>>*
#03L100034FX (exchange/core part number) long block CBA,CBB


Waterpump and washer



coolant flange

air intake manifold

Figure 130-40 (CBAA,CBAB Common Rail) and CBEA
High pressure pump
solenoid valve
1800BAR pressure regulating valve
fuel rail
injection unit --- (injectors different)
03L130277A (CBEA)

CBAA/CBAB CBEA(exactly the same)
Clutch and pressure plate 240mm

exhaust vacuum pump

Exahust manifold and turbo (POSSIBLE ISSUE HERE!!!!)
03L253019N turbo BORGWARNER (CBEA)
03L253019J turbo GARRETT (CBAA/CBAB)


Flywheel 240MM
03G105266BN (SACHS)
03L105266J (LUK)

CBAA(PRGroup D94)/CBAB (PRGroup D91)

Engine Oil
G 052195M4 Long life 5Litre 5W-30 VW50700

The following is something from myturbodiesel.com

List of differences between the CJAA and CBEA engine in Audi A3, Golf, and Jetta TDI

I read elsewhere that the CJAA engine takes 4.3 liters of oil and the CBEA takes 4.0L of oil because of a different oil pan. I don't know about the oil capacity, but I can say that according to the parts catalog, the oil pan is the same on CBEA and CJAA engines.

The CJAA engine is used in 2010 and newer VW Golf, Jetta, Sportwagen TDI. The CBEA is used in the 2009 VW Jetta TDI and 2010, 2011 Audi A3 TDI. Why does the Audi A3 still use the CBEA? No clue but this has been confirmed by users. You can view your engine code as a 3 letter code on a white sticker on top of the timing belt cover (passenger side)

I decided to spend the afternoon trying to figure out exactly what the differences are other than the engine codes and here are the differences I found according to the parts catalog. There may be some variance during the transitions periods.

What's the same in CJAA vs. CBEA engines:
front and rear crank oil seals
oil pan
head gasket
engine plastic beauty cover
connecting rod bearings
crank bearings
crankshaft timing belt sprocket
timing belt
crankshaft pulley (harmonic balancer pulley/AC pulley)
camshafts and valves
oil filter and housing
water pump and thermostat
intake manifold
air filter
fuel pump, injectors, and fuel rail
turbo and intercooler

What's different in the CJAA engine vs. the CBEA engine:
cjaa has windage tray in oil pan
oil dipstick and tube
cylinder head
cylinder head valve cover
crankshaft - my best guess is that the difference is the gear for the balance shaft.
front crankshaft drive gear for balance shaft
fuel filters (see 1000q: crd TDI fuel filters for details)
The CJAA DPF and NOx catalyst are 2 separate pieces/part numbers connected with a v-band clamp. The CBEA DPF and NOx catalyst are 1 piece, no clamp. See 1000q: DPF FAQ for pictures of the exhaust and more details.

balance shaft module. It appears that CBEA built during 2009 use part # 03g 103 295 k (03g103295k). CBEA engines built during 2010 and later and CJAA engines use 03g 103 295 ak (03g103295ak). The exception is the Audi A3 which always uses the AK suffix module. This should mean they are interchangeable with the right drive gears.

I don't know if there's a physical difference in the modules but the drive gear on the crankshaft is different on K vs. AK modules. Also, K should take one type of intermediate gear (gear between the crankshaft drive gear and balance shaft drive gear) and AK should take another. The 3rd gear which drives the balance shaft is the same on K vs. AK. What's confusing is that according to the parts manual, K gears are found on AK modules in the Audi A3 TDI. This is either a mistake or it means they are interchangeable. My best guess is that the gears are all interchangeable as a set and are the same except for the crankshaft sprocket gear because of how it mounts to the crankshaft. Keeping the number of teeth the same is important because it drives the balance shaft and the oil pump. If the teeth were different, the balance shafts would be thrown off and the engine would shake.

Attached is a picture showing the gears I'm describing on a similar engine.

oil pump - the oil pump is driven by a shaft from the balance shaft module.

The cjaa has a 77mm oil pump drive shaft, cbea has 100mm. The exception is the Audi A3 TDI oil pump. These are all CBEA engines but if built before 10-19-09, they use a 77mm shaft. Later shafts are 100mm. Because all Audi A3 have the CBEA engine and AK balance shaft module according to the parts catalog, my best guess is that the oil pumps are interchangeable between the K and AK balance shaft modules and that both K and AK balance shafts are interchangeable between CBEA engines and CJAA engines.

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