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Originally Posted by Hamsterdiesel

What’s funny here is that you see my point, yet you are trying to debate it.
Your post essentially raised two issues. I offered suggestions on your first point, but I essentially concurred with you on the second.

Originally Posted by Hamsterdiesel

The fragmentation in the bidding process that you see comes from responsible individuals trying to make something happen in their area, but not getting any local support... Are you saying that the same people every year around the country should be responsible for their area’s Fest bids? That’s a downright selfish attitude (Emphasis mine) – ‘I want a Fest, but let someone else do the work.’ ....
I never stated that, and your interpretation is a quantum extrapolation of what was, in fact, stated.
If the same people want to volunteer year-after-year to try to organize a Fest/GTG in their region, then that is their choice. The ideal situation would be, however, that A,B,and C would volunteer to try to put a Fest/GTG in zone 1 in year 07, D,E,and F would volunteer to try to put a Fest/GTG in zone 1 in year, 08, and so on for different regions. Each year the bids are all taken by a certain date, and a decision is made thereafter(however THAT process is run) for that year. Then so on for the following year, etc. etc. That way, there is no gripes about "planning time" being too short.

Originally Posted by Leo819
I feel TDIClub should actually become a non profit 501 or type organization
You may have a point. While not too sure how it would "fit" under 501(c)(3) of the Code, as those types of organizations are typically limited to operate for a religious, charitable, educational, literary, or scientific purpose.

However, personal liability would be a concern for me, and perhaps others as well. I believe you yourself even expressed the same concern while organizing the recent Fest with the "beer event" that some had suggested. And in a "dry" state such as PA ?? Yikes !!
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