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Originally Posted by ranger pete View Post
I understand there are plenty of tinkerers in their garages doing systems. I am not talking about them.
Those guys could not do small batch systems for particular models at a reasonable cost.
I am talking about larger scale systems done, probably by the manufacturers themselves as they would have to deal with all sorts of extra paperwork and legal nightmares.
As for it being economically justified simply by fuel savings, you are right. It wouldn't. I think the primary benefit would be to those that love manual transmissions....until they have to make the 3 mph slog into the office 5 days a week.
How many are driving autos because of this?
Wouldn't it be nice to just pop it into neutral and inch along via a low power electric motor to the rear wheels.
And this is why it won't happen^^^ Against the law to do that most places, and the few it's not, frown heavily against it. If a system ever did get built and sold, I bet there would have to be safety built in so you couldn't do that.

I'll clutch in to coast to save fuel, but trans always stays in gear and engine running in case something happens.

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