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Originally Posted by 03tdiwagon View Post
Hey guys I'm looking for a quick reply with input or knowledge to something I may be missing .
I have my car up on stands and I'm checking for runout on my front 2 rotors and hubs.
The issue is I took everything off ( caliper, pads)
but not caliper bracket - could the rotor be touching the bracket? (Wrong size rotor; not fully seated)
Originally Posted by 03tdiwagon View Post
so it's just the rotor bolted to the hub on both sides of the car and the hubs/ axle shafts are very difficult to spin .the point of the test is to see if my wheel bearing Is toast as I've been having lateral wear on my pads.
not sure what lateral wear means - just wear? Wear on one pad only? Different wear on left vs right side of a pad?
Originally Posted by 03tdiwagon View Post
1) should the hub be spinning on its own or should the hub and shaft be spinning together. I was thinking if its a good quality new hub it should spin freely by itself with no shaft movement. And if its a worn bearing /starting to seize it's giving me this issue where if I turn the hub the whole shaft spins also??
I doubt your car has freewheeling hubs
Originally Posted by 03tdiwagon View Post
I understand it is a open differential and only 1 side spins ( whichever I'm rotating) but I don't understand if the hub should spin freely or with the axle shaft also under load. THANK YOU
the axle stub and hub are connected via a sliding spine (outside teeth on axle engage inside teeth in hub)
In a later post you talk about torqueing. Are you removing/loosening the axle bolt, or just working on the lug bolts (I assume this car has lug bolts, like my 2012 TDI) which screw through the rotor into the hub?
Originally Posted by 03tdiwagon View Post
Because before I torwhed it I could spin it but now torque's to just 50 I can't at all
i.e. what is the first 'it' you torqued?
If it works, take it apart and find out why!

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