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Originally Posted by bfrinkus View Post
Wow, loving the response to the thread!
To restate my goal with this little project, my hope is to identify mods that will supplement smart driving and debunk overstated claims of efficiency improvement. Please understand that my R and D budget is very small. With this in mind, i think i've done a fair job minimizing variables well enough to identify statstically relevant trends. I will take into account all suggestions. To address some of them:
-i will review and compare ambient temperature to tank mpg results to see if there is a positive correlation. I'll let you know what i find.
-wife's commute: she takes the same route every day at the same time each day. There is no traffic. Ever. Best commute ever. She drives at to 5mph over. Test track? No, but ya'll are going to have to trust me that it would be hard to create real world driving conditions with fewer variables.
-i have thought about screwing with tire circumference, but have not due to money as well as speedo recalibration issues. In related news, I hope to be installing .681 5th gear in the next few months here.
-re-tune after EGR delete? I don't even know what that is, but i'll look into it.
-fuel volume:i'm aware that the gov allows only minimal inaccuracies in dispensed fuel volumes. I have no way to check this and will have to trust that Uncle Sam is enforcing things.
-Souzafone, i'm newish to the tdi world and did not understand your comment. Would you be so kind to explain what you meant? Thank you!
I invite all others with data to share so we can learn from one another!
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Here's an idea for you to test ..... if the wife is willing? Have her drive 5 mph under the limit instead of over, leaving home 10 minutes or so earlier and enjoy the scenery. I guarantee a significant mpg change.

Second idea.... would your wife enjoy a scanguage 11 ? This would inspire the right foot mod.
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