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Well this keeps getting better.

Today I was at the hardware store and got a big fan for the shop. Only way in was through the hatch.

So I propped up the hatch (as is customary these days). Started maneuver the box in when that split second blackout when you take a hard hit to the head/nose. I had knocked the board loose and onto my head. Well damn it, I prop the hatch up onto the back of my head, knock the board out of the way and start pushing the fan in when I start to feel a trickle down my forehead.... I just dab around with my index finger until it's wet and look. Yep. Definitely blood.


Photo 1. Photo 2.

I guess I'll be ordering some OEM parts soon.

Anyone with a Golf know if the Wagon struts fit? I found these on AutoHausAZ:

Nothing shows up under Golf for 'hatch'.

What was ECS Tuning's response to it?
Just the generic "Please contact us!" (And that was just on the vortex). Like I said I did that before and it was less than helpful.

As far as a replacement... Have you ever owned a product so crappy that if the manufacturer sent you a free one every time the other one broke you'd not take it? Because this is it. Every 4-5 months I run the risk of putting another dent in my trunk to let water in, punching a hole in the lights or just scraping up the paint. It's like voluntarily installing a time bomb into your car.

totally ghetto, but I have fixed dent related leaks with thin adhesive weather stripping available at any
That's the plan. After I try the dry ice / hair dryer trick. It's such a huge structural dent I highly doubt it'll work. That or fashion up something to pull a vacuum on it.

It was a southern kept nice black golf, the nicest VW I've owned such far. Oh well. I guess I won't care too much about shopping kart accidents. I mean I paid to put this dent in it.
[Review]: ECS Mk4 Rear Hatch Pop Kit. 0/5 stars for Rear Hatch Popping. 5/5 stars for inflicting head trauma.
It's all just cheap chinese **** with a fancy vortex bling bling spin that attracts people
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