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I have a 2015 Passat. Most of you know the filter is now below the car. I just changed my oil for the first time, and wanted to share some pictures of what you will see with the new design. The car went up on a pair of Low profile rhino ramps with no problem. This gave me plenty of room to work with.
1. First take off the belly pan..
2. The filter is located in the front of the engine between the fan and engine block. It had a 1/2" plug in the middle of the cap to let oil drain from the filter.
3. There is a rubber coated alternator electrical wire in the way of removing the cap. I unhooked it from a plastic mount holder and disconnected it. I also had to remove a tie strap that tied it together with another line (?).

4. You then have enough slack in the electrical line to swing it to the side or above to have access to removing the filter cap.
5. I then took the 1/2" plug out of the cap and let drain. About half quart came out. Put cap plug back in.
6. I then drained the main oil pan. It had a 19mm plug.
7. Plugged oil pan back up.
8. Then i took the cap off the oil filter housing using a 32mm (1.25") socket. I used the following socket and oil filter. Part 03N115562 oil filter from idparts and socket

9. Replaced filter/seal and cap 1/2" plug o-rings. Tightened cap back up. Reconnected electrical wires, tie-wrapped back to the other line, and replaced in plastic mount support. Replaced belly pan.
10. Added 4.75 quarts of 5w30 esp mobile 1 formula oil. the manual calls for 4.5qts, but i had to put a little more in to get it to the safe Mark on the dip sick.
Edit 04/13 - Added another quart to bring the oil level up to the top of the cross-hatched area. There's another thread under this section where they discuss the misinformation that VW sent out regarding the 2015 oil level as 4.5qts, and should be 5.8qts. My manual was one of those that reported 4.5qts. Just to clarify, 4.5qts did not even come close to the correct level.

All done. A lesson learned, a 2014 filter will not work, not matter what Amazon says. I've never done a write up like this. So i hope it will help all least one person.

edit - Guess TapaTalk didn't add the pics correctly. will do so this evening. sorry.

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