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Originally Posted by CleverUserName View Post
The V Motori 3.0L in the EcoDiesel is called the L630. It shares nothing with the MB Bluetec 3.0L found in the sprinter vans. They are completely different engines with different lineage. Both are crap for different reasons with bad track records.

If your actually considering buying an Ecodiesel then you haven't done your homework. There is a 100+ page thread of people who had engine failures, usually bottom end and rod bearings but not all. The Ram Ecodiesel was a great idea but FCA utterly failed in their execution. FCA should have used a small Cummins V6 like in the original conceptual design.

The Canyon/Colorado 2.8 Duramax has a higher payload rating and similar GVWR/Max Tow rating as a Ram Ecodiesel. They have a 6.2' bed available and will get you 30 MPGs in a 4x4 and 32+ in a 2wd.

The Canyon/Colorado 2.8 has the same tow rating as the new GM 1500 3.0 Duramax. Just under 8,000 Lbs.

The new GM 1500 and F150 Diesel are basically the same price as a full size HD 2500 V8 diesel in similar trim.
OM642 does have its issues, but the biggest on is oil cooler seal failure, which pretty much happens to every engine. Repair parts don't cost much but labor is a big deal. Otherwise these engines are pretty robust.

The VM engine in the Ecodiesel suffered from FCA trying to get the last possible MPG out of it at launch and specifying a 5w30 oil instead of the 5w40 they've since switched to. With Rotella in the crankcase it seems to not suffer the bearing failures a few (emphasis on few) engines suffered with the lighter oil.

The Ford V6 isn't really new: It's a revision of the Lion V6 that's in Range and Land Rovers. IIRC rods and bearings were strengthened to help it withstand heavier use when towing.

Regarding light trucks in general. I know people like them but how much of a PITA they are depends on where you live. Around here, if you drive into Boston with any frequency they're hard to deal with. Too tall for lots of parking structures, too big for lots of the available on street parking. And they don't fit on some of the roads in the city.
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