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Originally Posted by Mrrogers1 View Post
That does look great! Some questions for you...

1) What is the unitID? Inquiring minds what to know.
2) Assumption is that this was Castrol LL03 VW oil?
3) Assumption is that you have stop-sale car, so do you know if the dealer changed, before you bought, the factory fill oil or not? (I confirmed mine was changed before taking delivery)

I'm due for my first and only dealer oil change (free is free and I actually like the dealership and service group) next week and then my plan is to send a sample at 10k as my baseline (it should be which should be totally free of "break-in" metals) and switch to Schaeffers 8008 and see how the next 10k analysis looks.

In my MK5 CRD the VW 507 oil was usually trashed after, right after, the 10k run so I've never really been a fan. My DPF had failed so I was lucky enough to get to switch over to the great Mobil Delvac ESP 1 oil (ran it on my MK5 PD for years) in my car for the last 70k mile of my ownership until it went back to VW and I got my stop-sale GSW. When I chatted with a pioneer on the VW valve train design and oiling system, and he recommends Schaeffers over Delvac, I had to give it a shot. I grabbed me a case and will proceed to pile on as many miles as fast as I can to get the next 10k done. Lol What can I say, I like to drive and I can't wait to get my Fumoto valve installed, Schaeffers oil in and a UOA done.
Didn't see your post until just now, rarely visit the forum. I have a second analysis I can post tomorrow when I get home.

My unit ID is POS Golf because I am underwhelmed by the Mk7 in comparison to the Mk6. Little things bug the hell out of me, especially the finishing quality of the vehicle. Rattles galore. I am guessing this was Castrol because it was a stop-sale. I have no idea if the dealership changed the oil because they - O'Steen in Jacksonville - are scumlords. I just wanted my car. I'm glad you found a dealership you like. O'Steen put 505 oil in my Mk6 and I never returned.

I changed the oil with Mobil 1 ESP 5w30, then Shell Rotella T6 5w40 after I got my emission system neutered.
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