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Below is my brainstorming list of the hardware for the project. I would really appreciate any feedback. I appreciate those who have documented the trials and tribulations of these swaps, and made the road easier for those who are following. I have watched Jimbote's swap since the beginning, and its success is one of the major reasons I have been wanting to do this. So, thank you!

I want to build a daily driver truck that I will use for normal truck things. I would hope it moves a bit better than the 3rz, but I do not need it to be fast by any means. As long as it remains at least as functional as the 3rz, I will be happy.

Here is my basic plan:

-Engine will be an ALH running a factory computer
-Transmission with be the stock unit in the tacoma
-adapter is from EV1Guy
-Axle gearing will remain stock
Here are some things I am wondering about/need to figure out. If anyone has any suggestions, i would really appreciate it.
-Turbo- I am thinking 1749va. The placement is good, and they are available for quite cheap. I know this is barely an upgrade over the stock vnt15, but I think that is ok.
-DLC1019 injectors (or equivalent?)
-probably a 10mm pump, unless an 11mm falls in my lap
-good front mount air to air intercooler
-safe/somewhat conservative tune to match hardware.

-I am hoping to mimick Jimbote's clutch setup using the larger v6 clutch disk and PP with a 22re type flywheel and 22re bell housing. I am also considering using the LC engineering 35lb 22re flywheel. Either way, the flywheel step will need to be machined to match the diameter of the bigger clutch disk.

-I am hoping to use the tacoma radiator with electric fan(s) added. The rad in the truck is new, and it must have enough capacity. Not sure what others have done here

-Oil pan, i dont plan on a lift or body lift, so I will likely have to custom build the pan or modify a pan quite a bit. This is ok, not too bad of a task.

-engine mounts: I was thinking of using some mounts recommended by Hasenwork. I have also considered audi hydraulic mounts. I used these on my audi swap, and the vibrations are pretty mild with them. They are not super cheap, however.
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