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How accurate is this method of measuring compared to well calibrated non optimistic dyno?
I am not an expert on Dynos and with all the endless dyno fudge factor discussions I am very glad there is a straight forward, transparent and uniform method that can be used anywhere and the evaluation is done in real world on the road measurement. Potentially you could end dyno discussions. Of course you can cheat with this device also, but there is no unintentional error. Essentially you need a reasonable flat road section (can drive both ways to check accuracy and use for correction), accurate weight of the vehicle. I checked 100Kg off gives 20HP error. Basically you floor it to rev limiter and let it roll. The sensor on the wheel very very very accurately at a high rate of sampling captures the vehicle speed vs time using an accurate measurement of the tire diameter. When we checked the log, it even showed up the speedo error at low speeds - rpm vs speed. After acceleration the roll down calculates the losses including wind resistance etc. The rest is in the physics formulas. It is a simple but great idea that a Prof in Switzerland came up with for precision. It is now widespread in Germany. The consensus is if it is done correctly it is very accurate. The key is to record the speed accurately at high sampling. There is a youtube video on the method (Insoric) from the Prof but is in German. The only time I can see it being an issue is if you have traction loss due to too much power - it will mess up the signature, whereas on the dyno you strap down etc. and prevent slip but in reality you would have traction loss anyway on the road - i.e. it is the power being transferred to the pavement - real world power. Unfortunately the price is quite high else i would buy the device. It is a fairly inexpensive device but like all the tuning stuff, they ask for a lot of money ~4000-5000.

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