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Originally Posted by ToddA1 View Post
I'm hoping to keep it. Only time will tell. I daily drove Rabbits for 20+ years. The only reason I bought the wagon and joined the forum in 08/2011 was because I needed air conditioning.

Pete at the body shop said I'll keep it less than a year, then sell it. I have a habit of doing this. Still on the fence about selling the wagon, but I need fuel prices to rise.

I've never blasted a block or trans before. From past experiences, paint always failed. Figured I may as well do the best that I could, short of full tear down and tanking.

Every project is a good one, no matter how much we bi*ch about them.

I tend to agree, every project is a good, the complaining is just part of the process. If there weren't any complaints it wouldn't be any fun.

I'm not sure how soon fuel prices are going to rise TBH, and even then it's unclear whether the current emissions scandal will help or hinder the sales of the older tdi cars. There's a lot of floating oil storage out there right now and with China SPR just about filled there's some concern that we're going to see prices going lower...much lower.

I still think that in the grand scheme you can't go wrong with a wagon and that will always help prop up prices but I'm not sure we will ever see oil at $100 again or even $75 with countries pumping as much as they are now.

There's a recognition in the oil producing countries that constraining supply in an environment where 1) alternate energy sources are gaining ground 2) political leaders are denigrating fossil fuel (right or wrong) is not positive for the bottom line, and that's why we're now getting as much oil as they can get from the ground as quickly as they can get it out. Oil isn't worth much in a world where there's nothing but EV's regardless of whether the population (in the US) accepts them or not. I'm hoping a new course change is coming with the next administration. I have a feeling it is.

I know what you mean about the AC thing. My last project was converting the 89 Fox 2 dr to diesel and about two years later I sold it primarily because it lacked AC and the need for AC had become a big deal for me. Also because I can't get a road bike in the Fox and with the roof rack the Fox D lacked sufficient hp to move itself down the road with bikes on top in certain weather conditions (read wind). It was nice but not nice enough to keep so it went away while there was still a market for it, and it was clean.

At this point with your wagon I think it might be best to just sit and wait and see where we seem to be headed in 1Q 2017. It's been around long enough now that another six months won't make any difference.

I had promised myself last year that I would be rid of two cars and two motorcycles this year, unfortunately with my laziness I won't reach that goal. The truck might be gone before year end but I doubt that the diesel MB will be gone which was something I really wanted to have happen. Oh well, the list for 2017 will get some carryovers from 2016.

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