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Originally Posted by bizzle View Post
Yes, I reiterated what you wrote and then disagreed with it. I then asked you to explain why you think it's a problem as is common in a debate.

There really are only three options as far as I can tell:
1. ignore what you wrote (pointlessly talking past one another)
2. restate what you wrote and disagree with it
3. restate what you didn't write and disagree with that (straw-man)

I suppose an argument could be made of 4. restate what you wrote and then agree with it; but that's not where we're at in this discussion--I disagree with what I think you're trying to argue.

I reiterated what you wrote and asked you to explain why you think it's a problem. So far, you haven't bothered to do so.

I'm going to reiterate your statement and disagree with it again:
If you acknowledge that car rental companies don't have any individual liability for damages you, as a driver of a car being rented cause, then why do you think it should be any different for a scooter company renting out scooters?

This is, by my count, the third time I've asked you to explain yourself.
There is no rental car that I can rent without personal liability covered under my insurance, under a supplemental insurance I can purchase, and under my America Express gold card. What is your point? According to the article, scooters are not covered and have no available extra coverage outside of an umbrella policy.

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