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Originally Posted by BKmetz
Where do I start?

I have been here since day one. In that time I have witnessed hundreds of "light" disagreements that escalated into outright hate and harassment that went outside the forums. Phone calls to employers to report Internet abuse, member's email being put on porn spam lists, viruses, etc. I have seen reasonable people and good friends become bitter enemies. Over what? Ego, arrogance, win-at-any-cost attitude, even threats to try to shut down the whole club. Because someone can not agree to disagree and move on, to always try to get the last word in. Then there are the PMs and emails from people trying to lobby me to ban this and that guy for whatever. Under my watch I will do everything I can to prevent chaos from dragging the club down, again...

We can disagree without things digressing into a blood sport. We are suppose to all be adults here, we could even try acting like it.

I would never have guessed that there were some VW TDI owners with serious mental issues! I mean I had a white-supremacist threaten to kill me once several years ago, but it wasn't like a surprise or anything out of character for and idiot like that. But VW TDI owners ready to rumble?

Even Andy Kaufman type humor (my favorite ) never crosses the line into those kinds of very personal attacks.

The internet is one big stage. Nothing more and nothing less. We are all bit part actors and comedians, preachers and pundits. No one on the internet is a "real" person... all internet entities like me and you are just tiny fractions of real people, parts of which may be exaggerated or even made up and other parts omitted entirely.

Getting so mad at someone that you take a real fight off the internet is about as dumb as pulling a real pistol in a movie theater and shooting the "bad guy". Or worse yet, going to a stage play and beating up an actor because you don't like the character he is playing...

Forum arguments for the sake of arguing are great fun to read for me! But I like to watch TV Wrestling and US Politics... yes, I know they are "rigged" but they put on a good show! Just like when the Romans threw the Christians to the lions, predictably you knew the lions would always win because the lions were relatively rare and hard to replace. Christians sentenced to death were an endless supply... simple math really, but it was about the SPECTACLE, not who won and who lost...

But yea, if even a few people that post here are so stupid as to become emotionally involved in an forum argument as to escalate it beyond some simple name calling and derogatory comments, well that kinda ruins all the fun for people like me...

Thanks for taking the time to 'splain it to me!
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