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I don't know if anyone is reading this thread anymore, but I got some data that is very helpful to me and might be to others as well. The main thing is that I've been a bit fixated on the distance from the housing where the clutch slave attaches and the release fork, and I now realize it's not critical. I was just assuming that the slave plunger essentially fully extends when the master plunger is activated from pressing the clutch to the floor, since then where the slave plunger starts would limit how much extra travel there is to release the clutch. Since my whole issue has been the clutch not releasing or barely releasing when I press the clutch to the floor, this seemed like a very pertinent matter.
Well, the slave plunger is able to extend a total of 2 inches. Almost exactly. BUT, full activation of my master, from full depression of the clutch, is half that, almost exactly 1 inch. In that sense, withing a certain range it does not matter where the slave plunger STARTS, ... in my case, it is starting at 5/8 inch, the distance the plunger extends before making contact with the release fork. If it starts at 1 inch or more, then the slave plunger will bottom out at 2 inches before the clutch pedal is all the way to the floor.
This is why no clutch adjustment is ever needed as the clutch wears out. Pressing the clutch will move the plunger 1 inch to hopefully release the clutch no matter where the plunger starts at (but less than 1 inch). Thus, putting that washer under the bullet stud to bring the other end of the fork closer to the housing/slave plunger was completely without purpose. It does nothing to improve the ability to release the clutch.
Having said all this, my problem is still there, so I'm not so sure that the 1 inch slave plunger travel is the correct spec. I blocked my slave and the clutch is hard as a rock, showing that IF there is any air in the new clutch master, it would only be a tiny amount or the clutch would still feel spongy with the slave blocked. If the slave plunger moved even 1 1/4 inch, then I believe my problem would be gone. 1 inch just does not seem like enough to fully release the clutch.
I would buy another new clutch master if I thought it would help, but since the old one and the new one have the same result, does not seem like a very logical plan.
So I still maintain that I just need more slave plunger movement than I'm getting, and I know the finger points to air in the system, but my hydraulics are rock hard with the slave blocked. Wondering if anyone knows if that 1 inch slave plunger movement is the correct spec? Or has any other suggestions?
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