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Ok I have some questions about things. If I understand things your in CA? I am from PA and am in CA working. Just finished building my 6.0 ford into a monster and had to have some parts shipped home then back to me because of the rules in CA. Truck is finally where I want it blowin smoke and getting 23 mpg out of an F350 diesel dualy 4x4 4 door short bed. Went to a local shop to get the cab off to start the project. They basically said the same as you. Leave the exhaust, stock injectors, and the intake won't make a difference if you change em. Now that I am done they are like wow wonder if polishing the intake like you did the heads and port matching that would make it any faster? Yes yes it would but I just spent 16k you got 3 of that to take the cab off and put it back on, the rest in parts and I did all the labor and machining. Had to stop somewhere! Now my question comes in here what you said about injectors and exhaust and intake and tuning not really changing much have anything to do with the limitations and the stupid emissions that CA requires? I only wonder because I am about to buy one of these cars to make into a play toy and the first two things that will happen before more than 100 miles are put on it by me is 1 the motor is coming out for a new balanced crank and a small change in stroke and get built to receive the beating I am going to bestow upon it. 2 the trans will be sent and built to handle the engine I will be modifing for the car and putting in. I don't care about fuel mileage or if I shut down intersections like my truck does now with the smoke! If this car can not be modified to make twice the amount of power that it does currently I don't want to waste my money on it please let me know.

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