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Originally Posted by SUNRG
FWIW - i had Redline MTL tested by my local CAT fluid analysis lab and it came in at 10.8 cSt (very close to the claimed 10.6). and, after my very crude freezer testing i feel confident that Redline MTL flows faster than OEM G52 in below freezing temps. so...
  • Redline MTL is thinner / flows better in very cold temps than G52, and
  • Redline MTL is thicker / theoretically protecting better in hot temps than G52
the only question is fuel economy... is G52 the ultimate fuel economy gear oil???? (due to its super-low viscosity at normal operating temps...)

i'm going to give Redline MTL a try and see what happens...

My Bentley Manual is not current beyond 2002, so G52 in not listed. But a review of the manual transmission chart indicates that whether G50 or G51 is used depends on the engine being used, not the transmission.

So, my quick guess of the situation is that each of these oils have different additives to handle various internal tolerances and heat generated in the transaxle by the anticipated TORQUE LOAD as determined by the engine fitted. This seems true to me because the viscosities are all the same. Another quick check of this theory would be to compare the oil used in say a current Audi S4 manual trans and the basic 2.0T A4 manual trans.

Again this a great exercise, but since there are no controlled conditions or “blueprinted” cars to use as a control group and without reproducible results do I see once again “a solution in search of a problem” ……………

Please note:
Volkswagen TSB 34 01-01 states that in certain models a humming sound maybe caused by a spider gear contacting a one-piece thrust washer and that replacing the existing gear oil with G52 171 A2 gear oil will eliminate this noise.

SUNRG as soon as can look up the “black death” in my archives, I will, as stated before, post.

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