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Default Help me install my BHW 2.0 tdi in a boat!!!

Im picking up two passat sedans. One 04 and one 05

The donor for the boat has 177k

The other will be given the tranny so the gf can replace her beat up saturn.

The boat is a 1978 carver santa cruz. It's a fly bridge pleasure boat. She is about 5500 lbs. Max speed i want to go is low 20s. The official boat model is a 2566. It is basically a 26 ft boat. About 8 ft tall at the flybridge for catching sunsets and looking for schools of fish.

The l.o.w. is 21 ft
Draft is 2ft 10 inches
Beam is 8 ft
Modifed v hull

Will get on plane around 16 mph

Power needed to get on plane per Carver is 60 hp.

Ill be attaching the engine to the alpha outdrive with 1.5 gear ratio. Im still not 100% sure what prop i will use. Im more concerned with torque to get up and on plane than mph. Id rather plane quickly and top out and cruise comfortably at 20 mph than struggle and cruise at 25

Plans for the motor( input is welcome)
Examine cam. If there is any wear replace cam and lifters. Keeping this part cheap until bugs are worked out
New timing belt and water pump
Delete the ballance shaft
Have whitebread map and rework my ecu. All i want is ecu, glow plug relay, throttle pedal and harness.

I have been planning on making my own adapter however it seems I might have issues with idle vibrations if i dont put more mass to the flexplate

Its easy to center my gimball coupler and bolt it on. Keeping 4 independent motor mounts to keep vibes off the hull

A dual mass flywheel has a reputation of exploding. I don't want metal parts flying in my hull or thru my hull.

I can hack off the front of the transmission assembly to mount my starter. I still have to find a heavier single mass flywheel to work. Any recommendations?

Other option is to buy the sbc gastodiesel conversion. This would allow the sbc flywheel to be used giving way more mass and hopefully a nice smooth idle. Obviously i don't wanna spend 1100 bucks if it's not needed.

I believe i need a slightly larger turbo. I believe a waste gated turbo perhaps? I prefer one with water cooling as well as oil center. Is the g22 too big? Want something reasonably priced and available in the states.

I will heat wrap and ceramic wool and turbo blanket the hot parts. I will water inject the down pipe for cooling.

My goal is 170 to 200 hp. Torque, with the tune at 310 ft lbs it already has plenty.

Should i replace injectors? Just tips?

I dont want to push too much power to her. Reliability and economy is key.

If she does well all season ill then go back and do a colt or similar stage 2 cam.

Im afriad 170hp and 310ft lbs torque will eat my outdrive in a season. If it works well i will upgrade to a bravo.

Do i need a photobucket to post pics?
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