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Originally Posted by ymz View Post
The initial replacement was on a Costco battery that was about 2 years old... they refunded the original purchase price... I bought another one (this was last summer) and the date on the battery wasn't more than a couple of months previous... that battery charged "funny" and didn't start the car at minus 10 C... so I had that one replaced this week... it's this last one that has the date 11/18... and it's also acting "funny" on the charger...

I just want to know why these newer batteries behave differently on the charger than the 4-year old battery in the other car that charges "normally"... is the manufacturing different and are the voltages different, or are all of these batteries defective...

Best guess is that the manufacturing quality has degraded over time. Also, the label on your battery doesn't mean much, there are only a few battery manufacturers and everyone contracts with them to slap their label on it. It's obvious to us when we buy "Kirkland" that Costco isn't actually making the product, but it's less obvious that "Interstate" doesn't actually make that battery, either.

The second issue, which might be separate or in addition to what I just said, is that all batteries are recycled (I wrote reman'ed earlier, but I used the wrong term now that I'm typing it out more); plates come out, lead recycled, acid presumably recycled somehow, etc.

Of course I don't have any special knowledge about this other than what I read around here and elsewhere, but my best guess is attributing the differences you're seeing on a meter to manufacturing differences (not necessarily defects). It wouldn't surprise me at all if your older battery was a "better" battery throughout. This conclusion seems to be supported by reports all over the place of current batteries not really having any lasting power compared to the oldies.

FYI, I wasn't giving you a hard time so sorry if my posts came across that way. I'm trying to find a battery for my wagon right now and I was genuinely curious about how your warranty claim went down at Costco because what you were writing was conflicting with their website. Without digging deeper, it could be that your older battery was under their older warranty terms or it could be that they just gave you your money back because it's Costco
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