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Originally Posted by CleverUserName View Post
Hi, James & Son.
I had two bottles of the booster pak which were ordered about a year ago. I am just using them up, 1/2 bottle (4oz) in my Golf and 2.8 Duramax at each OCI. I do not plan on buying anymore booster pak.
I created this mix of 10w30 & 15w40 because I got a bunch of the 10w30 CJ-4 for cheap and wanted to thicken it up a little. The 15w40 has great properties (Low NOACK, High VI, and High FP) so it seemed like the best option.
I had this "10w40" blend tested by Oil Analyzers, it is a "thin" 40wt and it has a VI of 172.
  1. 78.8 cSt @ 40c
  2. 13.3 cSt @ 100c
  3. NOACK 8.5% (11% + 6%/2 = 8.5%)
  4. 526 ppm of Sb
  5. ~1100 ppm of Phosphourus
As you can see it has superior cold flow (40c) properties at the mild temperatures we see here in CA. I don't need a low winter rating so 10w, 15w and even SAE 30 are fine here.
These higher winter rating blends use thicker base oils so the flash points are typically higher than a 5w.
I'm staying with the low-ash versions because I'm also using this in my 2.8 Duramax equipped with emissions controls. The 10 TBN CI-4+ version of the 5w40 is excessive SA. I also would be changing the oil once a year anyway so I don't really need to exceed a 10k mile interval as I have two vehicles. CJ-4 is fine for me.
I would also like to mix the 15w40 with the SAE 30 next as that would be even a lower NOACK (6.5%) and higher flash point. That is the next thing I will try if the Oil Analysis results are better than what I've seen with TDT and D1 ESP CJ-4 versions.
I'm attaching a copy of the OAI report for your reference:
Looking forward to those results. Your anti-wear numbers, antimony and phosphorous together are 170% more than TDT's phosphorous. This along with the natural
esters your iron wear should drop. If your engines are in good shape I would reduce the Sb to 2 ounces unless the duramax needs it for some reason. The 30% natural esters help the lubricity due to their affinity for steel surfaces.

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