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Originally Posted by car54 View Post
You already know I got the AV work down.
Cool. I figured you'd probably end up responsible for it. I know that you, Jason, Lawson, and I will all kind of keep an eye on it. So, that one's covered.

Originally Posted by bhtooefr View Post
I'll assist with the auction slideshow, I've still got the files from 2012 and 2013 so I can quickly get that going.

Also, if the trivia host needs assistance with writing questions (or if a writer is needed still altogether), I'm willing to help with that.

Waiting on other stuff to fall into place before I add more commitments to the list.
Thank you! Lawson said he thought you’d help out with those items; glad to have confirmation. We may also be doing a slide show for the meet & greet…I’m sure more info will come your way soon. You know we’ll put you to work whenever you have some free time. Do you have any ideas for someone to actually do the reading of your trivia questions?

Originally Posted by Lug_Nut View Post
Is there a more definite (not subject to be changed) schedule of the events so that I don't volunteer to be on site when I'm also elsewhere?
I think there's a pretty solid schedule (except some tech session blanks) somewhere, but I'm not sure where; that's a Lawson question. Don’t worry too much about double-booking; we’ll work out the details when we’re closer and everyone has a better idea of what they are doing and when. We’ve always managed to work around the stuff people want to do in the past, so I’m sure we’ll make it work this time, too.

Originally Posted by n1das View Post
My lodging is booked for the entire duration of the 'fest. I'm checking in on Thursday afternoon and checking out on Monday morning. I have all days available to help with 'fest activities. Not sure what to volunteer for yet but I'll figure that out when the time comes.

I am also bringing 4 commercial-grade UHF handheld radios on the GMRS/FRS channels to use at the 'fest. They are high quality radios, not cheap "bubble packs". I was originally planning to use a pair them between Lisa (g/f) and I but they could be used for on-site activities between 'fest volunteers. I also started a separate thread about having some radios for local on-site 2-way chit-chat.

I don't remember if Lawson and I brought our radios from work (or if we will bring them this time), so it's good to know there will at least be some there. As for where you'll end up volunteering...we'll stick you somewhere to be useful! (You wouldn't happen to want to try out auctioneering/raffle mastering or trivia asking, would you?? )

Originally Posted by W386 View Post
I'm a Newbie, but willing to volunteer my help with any labor/project you decide to try me on. Should be there later on Friday, all Saturday & to mid Sunday…I expect? I'll look for someone in charge for directions. Peace….
Excellent decision! I jumped right into volunteering my first year and it was a great way to get to know people quickly and pretty much always have people to hang out with. You shouldn't have much trouble finding me or another organizer to put you to work once you're there. I hope to have a list out beforehand with where and when I'd like everyone to be, at least as a starting place. We're pretty much taking over one part of the hotel; we're not really spread out all over the place, so it shouldn't be too hard to find us.

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