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Lightbulb Tech Sessions!

This year we are proud to announce numerous tech sessions to satisfy you curiosity and build your knowledge base on all things TDI-related! Here is a quick explanation of what they are and who is leading them.

Sessions will be spread out across both Saturday and Sunday afternoons and will take place inside (classroom style) and outside in the parking lot under one of our large tents.

If you have any questions about the tech sessions listed below, feel free to ask here and one of our session leaders or event organizers will respond.

Jonathan Bartlett (Lug Nut)
An introduction to hypermiling techniques and a study of BSFC (brake specific fuel consumption) maps. Learn the principles of momentum conservation and how/when/why to use various techniques to maximize each gallon of fuel.

Suspension 101:
Matt Phelan (Matt-98AHU)
An introduction to the basics of automotive suspension - how it works, alignment theory, and how to tell if something isn't up to snuff. This session is geared towards getting beginners up to speed.

Suspension 201:
Matt Phelan (Matt-98AHU)
A more in depth look at suspensions, including maintenance and upgrades. Are you looking at doing a suspension refresh at some point in the near future? If so, this tech session is for you! Learn what to look for in a suspension system and how to get it dialed in to your liking.

Crimes Against Mechanicals:
Chris Hill (mrchill)
Dive into the world of bad repairs, catastrophic failures, and things that make you go hmm... lead by our very own mrchill!

Commonrail Maintenance, Operations, and Upgrades:
Chris Hill (mrchill)
Have you ever wondered how your commonrail diesel engine works? Need to know some best maintenance practices in order to maximize the longevity of your commonrail diesel engine? Chris will be bringing a CJAA engine to use for demonstrations and will cover the fuel system, turbocharger, DPF and other emissions components, etc. This session will also cover performance enhancements and methods for getting the most out of your engine.

VCDS 101:
Jason Perkins (compu_85)
Are you a newbie to computer diagnostics? Would you like a quick start guide on how to use VCDS? If so, then this tech session is for you! Jason will be giving an entry level course on how to use the most valuable tool for your VW.

VCDS 201:
Jason Perkins (compu_85)
Once you have mastered the basics, hone your skills with some more advanced techniques. This is more than just checking for fault codes... discover how VCDS can help fine-tune your engine, identify mechanical issues, log and interpret data streams, and more!

Engine Swaps:
Foster (xcdhracer15), Cooper Maxwell (maimer), and George Cooney (panakamana)
These gentlemen will be doing a group tech session on TDI swaps into non-TDI vehicles. This session will be a show and tell session using an Audi Avant and will cover everything from the mechanical principles to the nuances of wiring.

Introduction to a new generation of TDI, the EA288:
Dave Oh (TDIMeister)
Dave will be giving us an in-depth look into the all new TDI expected to hit the market soon. This modular engine is completely redesigned and is expected to be a big hit. Find out what's different from previous TDIs and what that means to you as an owner.
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