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Originally Posted by TDIFred View Post
unfortunately for you, and many other newer owners on here, there is a tendency for doom and gloom to dominate. many over-dramatise small problems which get undue attention. while I am not trying to minimise engine failures or HPFP failures, they are relatively rare.
Originally Posted by Ryephile View Post
Wow, the sky is falling again. :P

If you want to be proactive, every 10k oil change, loosen the IC hose and dump out whatever is in there. It'll add a whole 2 minutes to your oil change procedure, and ease your mind.

A catch can would be another good idea, though AFAIK nobody has developed one for the CR TDI yet.
Originally Posted by 53 willys View Post
The sky is not falling.....but it's total BS to have that kinda sludge in a brand new car...and it don't matter if you drain it or not..when the turbo pressurizes the cooler that sludge is getting sucked/pushed in your $10k+ engine..

a drain is a waste of cash..and time.
Good luck getting that kinda sludge to drain through a
I hesitate to respond to the sky is falling comments, however, there is a difference between minor quibbles and major design flaws that cause totaling of an engine with no advance warning, or for the car to fail to operate in routine weather conditions. We paid a lot of money for these cars, and it is reasonable at this point in the history of automobile design to have well know issues such as intake icing resolved.

I fail to see how ANYONE with one of these cars should not be EXTREMELY concerned about water damaging their engine due to this issue. If you drive in humid wintry conditions, I can tell you from experience that this problem is real, and happens often. 1 cup or more of water sitting in your intake at startup is a disaster waiting to happen - you can't argue it any other way.

Since the sky is not falling, I guess I will go back to being blissfully stupid about the operation of my car. And I will refrain from posting my concerns or sharing my experience here, I don't want to aggravate anyone by discussing something that isn't a real problem. I'm sure I should be appeased by draining my cooler hoses every chance I get, and happy when my engine grenades in a year or two when its out of warranty because VW's intake was sucking melt-water straight in. After all, I got my warranty period out of the car right? Thats what I paid for after all. No reason I should expect a $25k car to last more than 60k miles.

Going back in the hole I crawled out from - thanks TDICLUB - over and out.

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