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-------------------- Jul 24, 2011 ---------------------------------
Well, I made HUGE progress tonight. It's in! All I have to do is plug it in and go.

Yeahhhhhh, not that simple. I did clearance the frame rail and sit the engine in the bay. I'm going to focus on the electrical first as the rest of the stuff is relatively trivial (and I've done most of it before.....perhaps in a past incarnation somewhere....hmmm, let me think...)

Proof that if you don't use it, it's going to rust. No point in pulling off the rust just yet (except) where I have to weld some more stuff to it

I might actually rebuild it out of lighter-weight stuff. that's 3/16" steel plate and Princess Auto Square tubing. It's about 5-8 lbs heavier than the original. It is going to hold up my intercooler and skidplate though, so yeah.....maybe add a few lbs to the front of the car.

When I think about it thought, I should probably build an upper rad support bar like that so that if someone hits my car with their monster truck, that I have the slightest chance of survival.

That, and a rear half "defense" cage, so that if that guy decides to ram me from behind, my man cubs don't suffer the wrath. I'll call it weight equalization

The wife's out of town for an extra week, so the long weekend is all mine to work on the garage and get this bad boy rolling..

-------------------- Jul 25, 2011 ---------------------------------

Not a lot done tonight. I bolted up the crossmember and started fiddling with the turbo orientation. I pulled out boxes of parts that have been sitting for far too long.

Remember me?

Blocked off and mounted

A little engine porn, hehehe

So, at the end of the night, after scratching up the shiny one, I dug through a box of parts and found my old 1.6 TD manifold. It doesn't have the mounts on the back of it, so it makes for easier positioning of the turbo.

Tomorrow, I'm going to use some strapping/flat stock to position the turbo where I want it for the manifold, then plan the downpipe, cooling hoses, etc...

You can't see it, but I have an 8V exhaust manifold flange on the back there.

-------------------- Sept 1, 2011 ---------------------------------

So, things have been on hold for a bit since the wife and kids have been back. I now get every Wednesday evening to work on the car (hahahahahhaahah, yeah...that happened.....NOT), starting next week. First on the list is to rough in a manifold for the VNT22.

I picked up a Miller Diversion 180 over the summer (forgot to mention that) and so will be welding most of my stuff. It's been a while since I TIG'ed, so I'm probably going to burn through a lot of material practicing. Then I'll be able to make a lot of the stuff I want (like a damned Power Steering relocation reservoir).

My neighbor recently went to Germany, his homeland, so I'm expecting some early Passat headlights to arrive sometime before Christmas. I'm not sure if I posted it, but there was a maroon MKII in PVW years ago with Passat 2-piece headlights and the Porsche 99x dual wipers. I haven't been able to get it out of my head since seeing it. I guess I'd be the second one I know who has that setup. I'd consider that relatively rare.

Anyhoo. Wednesday is fab night.

-------------------- Sept 2, 2011 ---------------------------------

Ahhh. There it is....

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