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Originally Posted by rotarykid View Post
I believe there are many like me with multiple TDIs(two Passats, two Jettas with one still running around on eco-diesel power) we own and still drive.....

I always wanted there to be a national gtg in the rocky mountain region to show off the beauty and how well these cars handle driving up here....a fest ride over trail ridge road would be a drive no one would ever forget....or to the top of pikes peak....or a ride to the great sand dunes national park....a ride down to the garden of the gods....hell, just a trip of a group of us up to see the buffulo then on to lookout mountain,,...

I have recently taken a drive around to local metro area vw dealers to see if diesel offerings still fill their lots. Now we all know there have been no new current model year offerings sold since 15, but after the still new 15s pre-sale TDIs went on sale, suddenly every lot I have visited recently has had a variety of this re-sale CPO warranty offered cars. ....

They range from Jetta, Golf, Passat. Newest Beetle(even a few convertibles) manual & DSG TDI. And talking to people I personally know at one of these dealers the current re-sale CPO's are selling pretty well and will continue to arrive for sale for at least the next year or longer for as long as the buy-back supply lasts. There are also more than a few of the audi TDI cars & suvs still out there driving around, I was in a trip across town the other day and saw two audi TDI sedans in snowy traffic. With the snow piling up I could not tell which cars they were but I clearly read TDI on the rear deck lid.....

My point is, as has been long as there are people out there looking to continue to buy these cars like I am seeing right now our board will continue to serve a real purpose. And I believe that in parts of the US & Canada there are still enough of us around that if we so chose could still put on a mighty fine party somewhere to celebrate the fact for at least the next few years to come they will still in at least parts of the US still exist in reasonable numbers to warrant continued site support.....

Who knows, once all of the buyback stock is back on the road vwag may even re-introduce a diesel option here again. I know they are currently building not for sale here Atlas TDI built in hard could it be(under trump) to get this thing certified for sale here????....time will tell....
As it has been said before in this thread are you willing to do the work to have said TDI Fest in Colorado or are you just smokin' a pipe(Rocky Mountain High) and having a dream? Colorado colorful as it may be takes more than dream.

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