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Originally Posted by tadawson View Post
If cost is your only metric, true . . . . Some of us don't judge technology just on cost. To me, the integration on the RNS into the car makes me leave my Garmin in the other car every time . . . .
You don't know the whole story in regards to why I choose to use a standalone GPS in conjunction with the built in RNS that my SEL has. Cost is not the story here - if I were that cheap then why would I even shell out $77 for a GPS when the RNS comes with GPS built in? This is where your logic is flawed. The only reason numbers came up was to illustrate my one time $77 purchase of a standalone which includes free lifetime map upgrades compared to the $125 VW charges for EACH map update of the RNS. So how many times have YOU updated your RNS? I'm assuming you don't automatically spring for each new $125 upgrade as they are issued, correct? Or if you do, then more power to you since it is your money as I'm not suggesting how you should spend it.

I like having GPS information visible at all times - this is my main reason for having the standalone GPS. You see, I have an hearing impairment but despite that I am able to listen to/enjoy music. With the RNS displaying GPS data the music information is not visible and I like having the visual confirmation since I can't "just hear it" as it were. Doing so also means I don't have to keep switching between the displays. It is easier to run both and have the desired data visible instead of needing to keep messing with switching the RNS display which also reduces the potential for distracted driving - especially in unfamiliar/congested territory. Thanks to my hearing using audible GPS directions is NOT an option for me - I need to SEE the instructions so please don't tell me to "just listen to the voice" for navigation help.

As you can see I have very good reasons for doing things the way I do. Hopefully now you have a full understanding of my reasoning here as I am doing the best I can given my hearing limitations - I'm simply working with what I have and doing so in a manner that optimizes my use of things and funds.
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