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Default Climatronic Swap, part 2 (because I had too many pictures)

Day 3 I manage to get the frankenairbox in without as much hassle as getting the original out. I then had to build a couple more wiring harnesses for the additional sensors. After repining the main connector for the ventilation controls, I decided somewhere around this point to hook the battery up and test out the servos. At first nothing worked, but it didn't take long to figure out that I needed another power source for just one more pin. With that it seemed all the servos were working, nothing was binding, and I was good to continue putting it back together. I also pulled a vacuum on the A/C system and 45 minutes after I shut the pump off it seemed to be holding around -20 PSI. This is about where I stopped and took Christmas Day off from the project.

Originally I hoped this would only take 2 days by itself for the swap, so I could do some additional things while the dash was out. Unfortunately time didn't work in my favor, so the only thing I did was swap the CCM, and look at repairing the driver's side heated seat. A few weeks ago I pulled the harness connector off a donor car at the local wrecking yard, and hoped to pull the pins to do a proper repair.

Unfortunately at this time my pin extracting skills with a small screwdriver and paperclip were foiled, and I resorted to a different tactic. After 20 years of working on VW's I think I may break down and buy some proper pin extractors. Until then this is my fix action.

Finally, near the end of the 5th day, I got it all back in!

I had to back it out of the garage at this point, and we took off for a small trip to go see my family. I've not been able to charge the A/C because it is too cold for the system to operate once we got back. It looks like the car may be sitting for another week until (hopefully) things warm up enough to charge the system. I also need to get out there and clear the codes from hooking the battery up with lots of things not hooked up. Along with an airbag fault and traction control light, I also have this. I did have some sensors disconnected in the engine compartment when I did that, but have them all hooked up now, I think. It was dark then, the car moved, and now it is cold.

Hope you enjoy the pics!
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