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Default Injector nailing?

This past winter my car has been pretty consistently having really loud pinging/nailing (like someone shaking an empty rattle-can really quickly). I want to say it was shortly after I had it taken in after a no-start from intercooler icing up but I canít say for sure.

Itís not all the time. At least quiet enough that I donít notice it sometimes. Increasingly worse until 2000rpm under light to mid throttle. Bloody annoying and whatís worse is VW isnít looking into it other than to have s mechanic test drive it. He figures nothing wrong.

Iíve heard that winter fuel combined with some of the injection cycles for regens, etc can make pretty loud clattering but Iíd like to prove to myself that thereís nothing amiss before I go searching for a jugular at the dealership.

What are some tests I can perform to check things out? Iíve got a vcds at my disposal. Iíd be willing to purchase a compression tester if thatís something I need to do. Is injector deviation the only thing I can really dig into? I canít recall the deviations I read but they definitely were not 0.0 across the board. Stethoscope at the top of the injector is loudest/hardest knock on cyl 1, then 2 but that might be the knock from cyl1 carrying over.
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