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Default What oil should I use?

compu told me to post this here, rather than in fuels & lubes.

A common question on TDIClub is, "what oil should I use?"

The correct oil for your car is determined by which engine your car has, and what model year your car was manufactured.

Please note that this thread only covers North American models, and only TDIs. Older indirect injection diesels are outside of the scope of this thread.

All 1996-2003 TDIs
Regardless of model, a 5W40 synthetic oil is required (with a few exceptions.) One of the following certifications is required (note that no oil meets all of these certifications, however - only one is required):
  • Volkswagen 505.00
  • ACEA B3 or B4
  • API CF-4 or CG-4

Note that some owner's manuals from 1996 to 1999 allowed for 15W40 conventional oils, with API ratings as low as CD. Since those manuals have been printed, Technical Service Bulletins have been released superceding that information.

You may use a newer Volkswagen (such as 505.01, 506.01, or 507.00) or API (such as CJ-4) specification oil if you so desire. Note that some 505.00 and 505.01, and all 506.01 and 507.00 oils are not 5W40. They are still acceptable oils for your engine, as long as they are synthetic oils (as almost all commercially available 505.00 oils are today, and all 505.01, 506.01, and 507.00 oils are.)

2004-2006 Golf, Jetta, and New Beetle TDIs, and 2004-2005 Passat TDIs
An oil that is certified to the Volkswagen 505.01 specification is required. Oils that are certified to newer specifications such as Volkswagen 506.01 and 507.00 are also allowed.

2004 and 2006-2008 Touareg V10 TDIs
An oil that is certified to the Volkswagen 505.01 specification is required. Volkswagen of America recommends 507.00 in the newer vehicles, and is allowed in the 2004 V10 TDIs. Volkswagen of America also allows 506.01 in all V10 TDI engines. However, Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (the parent company of VWoA) does not allow 507.00 in any V10 TDI.

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