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Originally Posted by philngrayce View Post
Intresting Nosmoke. So fuel is about twice the price in Norway that we pay here. Iím guessin it is mostly taxes, since you folks have plenty of oil up there?

On another note, is Norway the paradise many tell us it is? Have you been to the states? I was in Sweden once, and it was very nice, but Iím not sure I would move there. Norway is similar to Sweden in many ways?
Norwegian and Swedish people are very similar. In fact all of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden Denmark) is very similar when it comes to the people living there. We all understand each other's language and have a relationship that can be compared to you guys and Canadians. Friends but also competetive If you want a driving experience then choose Norway. We have a long coastline, steep mountains, fjords and even beaches. Something for everybody I guess (Paradise if you want).

I have been to the US, but only to California, Arizona and Nevada. Beautifull country and friendly people.....and REALLY cheap fuel It is mostly taxes that makes our fuel expensive but on that note, gasoline is even more expensive! A litre of gasoline will cost about 1.8 USD. The price difference has also affected what cars we drive. I'm not sure how many diesel cars there are vs. gasoline cars in the US but here we have about twice as many diesel powered cars as gasoline powered. Combined with the cold climate we have up here it is not very surprising that DPF's and EGR valves are failing like flies.....

Another thing worth mentioning is that one of our main exports in addition to oil, wood and salmon we have hydropower. In fact 98% of the energy in Norway comes from hydropower which can explain the high rate of electric cars here. We have the highest number of Nissan Leaf's in the
world, and in December 2017 there were sold over 2000 brand new Tesla model S' here. All this thanks to our attitude towards electric cars and that they save the environment. The government here removed the majority of the taxes on electric cars and some of the taxes on hybrids to get people to buy them. But wait, there is more: free parking in public places, low insurance, low road tax, permision to drive legally in the buss lane and even free passing at toll-plazas.
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