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Exclamation a lot of relevant facts not discussed in that german political piece linked to...

Originally Posted by wxman View Post

Also the mentioning of CARB not having a UFpm limit leaves out the volumes of reasons this is irrelevant to the US auto/transport market.
1) we have not had any numbers of auto class diesels sold here since 1983 MY, the last year without the truck loophole.....

2) and this is the real biggie, gasoline-powered vehicles make up ~32-37 % while diesel-powered autos make up ~60 % of what is on the roads in germany. None of the diesel vehicles they are talking about banning in certain cities were ever offered, much less ever sold here by any make. So our market in no way is an analog for where they are referring to in this piece of political fluff against diesels in general....

3) as said and as we all here for the most part know our UFpm issue has not a thing to do with the diesel offerings we never were allowed to buy here over the last three plus decades.....diesels which today in the auto class make up less than 0.03 % of what is on the road new today.....

Gasoline powered vehicles today make up 99.97 % of all new offering in the auto class..!!!....Not a lot of clean air to be gotten from the over regulation of diesel powered vehicles not sold here in any numbers for close to 35 years now!!!! .....

FACT if you are going to watch that movie on german government policies being considered you have to know that If we are ever are going to clean up the air here gasoline engine'd vehicles must be required to have the same after-treatment crap they forced onto the miniscule numbers of light duty auto class diesels that were allowed to exist here since their crucification of all diesels by the politically based dieselgate attack
More diesels than I can list
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