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Thank you, moderator who gave me my thread back! I hope I didn't come across like I have a huge ego, because I really don't. Having said that, it is not because of ego that I wish the thread had my original title, or "drilling a drain hole for the intercooler", not "in the intercooler", because I am not drilling a hole in the intercooler, I am drilling a hole in the charge air piping next to the warm oil pan.

Anyway, I really want to emphasize one thing here that has been brought up repeatedly. I do NOT want a valve on that pipe. The reason why the people who've said things along the lines of "it's okay as long as you plug it back up", is psychological, not based on engineering. They think because the hole "isn't supposed to be there" that a valve is better, without looking at how the idea of the hole actually works. With a valve, you're not going to know when to open it. You won't know when water is accumulating, or when ice that is going to melt later is forming. You might never open it at the right time, you might open it when the water is still ice, and think there's nothing there. You might forget to open it. You might have to open all the time, way too often.

With the hole, it drains any time water is there. Whether you're driving, whether the car it parked, whether you're there or not. Therefore the hole is a much better idea. Human effort and error factor is out of the equation.

So far I haven't taken the car out other than around town and a few aggressive accelerations to see if I'd get an error code, which I did not. I may have a 3 hour drive later today, but I might put that off. It is snowing, 0 degrees out, and I am pretty tired after cutting, grinding, welding, breathing paint fumes, etc until about 6 AM last night doing fab work on my 95 chevy cummins swap. 2wd 350/4l60 to d60/14ff, divorced np205, 12v p7100, nv4500, 37s, no lift blocks, no body lift. Insane amount of work.

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