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You have an AHU and it's a simple system, the Jetta only used that motor in 1998. Forget about trying to fix the EGR, using a different intake, or getting a tune. Just ignore all that.

The P1403 is a related code, 17811/P1403/005123 - EGR System: Regulation Deviation. It means the car is seeing a different flow reading than it should see so it's throwing a code to let you know. The EGR system is controlled by vacuum coming from the vacuum pump near the oil filter and it is regulated through the N18 valve.

The other codes are interrelated in that if some of your hoses are bad, they all should be changed.

The 00560 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation System could be the hoses or the N18 valve near the air cleaner. It'll have 3 hoses to it, one 5mm going to the EGR assembly on the intake and two 3mm going to the air cleaner and the vacuum pump. It's rare the N18 valve goes bad (but I have seen broken nipples on a few) so I'd start with the hoses.

00575 - Intake Manifold Pressure: Control Limit Not Reached is probably also a hose.

The hoses aren't bad to buy or replace (about $40-$50 and you can easily do it yourself). IDParts and CasecadeGerman both carry it (very reputable places), the part numbers are N203531 for the 3mm hose, of which you'll need about 15 feet (5m) and N203551 for the 5mm hose, which is only used for the EGR system, so you'll only need about 4' of that. Just measure yours and you'll see exactly how much you need. I listed about 15' of the 3mm hose since you will end up replacing all the hose on the car, the red, blue, and black, both vacuum (for the turbo and EGR system) and pressure (for the ECU) system. Just use one of the hose connectors already on the car to connect the new hose to the old, then pull it through were you need it, and cut it where it's needed. You will not need any hose clamps.

There is also a 3" hose inside the ECU that should be replaced at the same time. It is a common problem with any age on the car.

I switched to all silicone hose from McMaster-Carr based on this thread. I ordered a small roll of each and had a ton left over. I finally changed it after 10 years chasing a boost leak and it still looked great.

But then you'll need to clear the code and drive it awhile (50-100 miles) for Readiness to be reset on the EGR system.

Good luck.
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