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Default B4 Passat ECU removal for tubing replacement

Passat ECU
1)lift off the rubber hood sealer strip about halfway. Move the temp sensor out of the way by lifting up on it,
2)rotate the three quarter turn clips that secures the plastic tray at the base of the windshield. Make sure they pull away from the square holes they lock into. Lift off that tray.
3)Remove cabin filter and set out of the way.
4)Remove the two sliding clips that secure the cabin filter base to the car. Lift the base up and remove. Careful, the base gasket may want to stick. Gently loosen it from the body.
5)Remove 10mm nut that secures the ECU frame to the body. Clean the stud/area well, as it's a grounding point for the ECU.
6)Remove vacuum tubing from ECU nipple and move out of the way
7)If you feel by the ECU nipple, you will note that the harness connector has "T" piece on the end of it. Push the T connector toward the nipple. It may take some effort. When it moves toward the end of it's travel, the harness will pull away from the ECU. Move the harness/connector out of the way.
8)Lift the end of the ECU frame away from the mounting stud. Wiggle the ECU/frame until the backside pulls away from the two T studs in the back.
9) Pull ECU toward the cabin filter area, and wiggle it out of the car.
10)On the end of the ECU that has the 4 small torx screws, remove the two phillips screws that secures the ECU to the mounting plate.
11)remove the 4 torx screws that secures the ECU tray to the ECU outer case.
12)Wiggle the ECU tray until it slides out from the ECU outer case. You may have to rap the tray portion a few times with a screwdriver handle to loosen any corrosion that may have formed.
13) Slide back the two tiny little spring clamps with a pair of needle nose pliers.
14)Take a sharp knife and slice the hose lengthwise off the black plastic nipple (MAP sensor). Careful, the nipple is pretty fragile to rough handling. Peel the hose off by splitting the hose. You can pull the hose off the metal nipple to the outside of the case.
15)Replace that piece of hose with a piece of 1/8th inch vacuum tubing. Silicone is best, but rubber works. No need to replace the spring clamps if they won't fit over the hose.

Assembly is reverse of removal. When you put the connector back on the ECU, make sure that the T is fully closed to secure the connector.

Replace the hose from the upper intercooler pipe to the ECU at the same time. It's probably toast anyway.
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