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Originally Posted by mjydrafter View Post
Are the Springs towing rated or standard?
Moog 81005, I don't think they're officially rated as towing springs, but they definitely stink-bugged the butt end of the wagon when I first installed them.
Admittedly, the rear-sag/front-porpoiseing with the 60 is mostly a result of bad weight distribution. That plastic tote in the first post has fullsize rotors/hubs/brakes spare joints/Spare Us/Yokes and probably exceeds 200 lbs on it's own. There was also an ancient Forney cabinet welder jammed in there. Both were behind or over the rear wheels, thus contributing to the squat.
In contrast, the D70-U was a lot heavier on it's own, likely more than the 60 with accessories and the welder:

Without disassembling the 70 the weight was better spread out over the rear cargo area as the pumpkin rests just behind the rear seats.

Unloaded ALH Mule:

Gravid with Dana 70-U:

Addendum for some light reading, via Lugnut 4x4:
"The typical 14 bolt axle weighs about 550 pounds. Since there are many different variations of Dana 60 and 70 axles, we can’t give those axles a certain weight. However, a rear Dana 60 axle usually weighs about 400 pounds, a front Dana 60 will weigh about 500 lbs, and the Dana 70 is similar in weight to the 14 bolt.

The 14 bolt axle and the Dana 70 weigh more partly because they have 3.5″ axle tubes, which are slightly larger than the 3 3/8″ tubes found on many Dana 60s."

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