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When I was in high school, one of my teachers showed a great short movie on creativity. These ping-pong balls are cruising thru a factory on the way from plastic blobs to finished, packaged products. At one of the last stations before boxing, they go thru a 'bounce test'. The only test for the balls is that they bounce 'high enough' to be accepted. Those that do, are boxed, wrapped, and shipped. Those that don't are rejected and sent back to be melted down. One of the balls came thru the line, did it's bounce test, and zoomed into the air higher than any of the others. Lights flashed, alarm bells rang, and this ball wasn't rejected to the scrap pile, it was ejected into the dumpster in the alley. The remaining movie is has an allusion to an old prophet, complete with the ball evading hords of earth-bound balls by shooting straight up into the clouds and disappearing.

Peer groups can perform a very valuable function when they keep the stragglers up with the core of the group. Unfortunately, they can perform a very harmful function when they try to 'rein in' the front-runners.

Why the attacks, Frank? (and the photos of hand-painted signs?!) Because the 'truth' is just fine - as long as it's the 'group's truth'. Sigh.

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